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    While testing a new blog in the zBench theme, I entered a post that contains a download link to a media file (.doc) that I had placed in the blog’s media library. The link works correctly when I access the post directly on the page I designated for posts (Articles), but the link is dead when I try to use it while accessing the same post from the home page through a custom menu of categories that I created in the second widget area using the commands (1) Posts, Categories; then (2) Appearance, Menus; then (3) Custom Menu Widget.

    The blog I need help with is apsfuture.wordpress.com.



    I cannot see any custom menu links on the blog linked to your username aside from “Home”. Will you please post the links to the specific pages in question so we can examine them?


    Thank you for looking into my problem. The custom menu with the problem is located on the left sidebar of the home page. If you click on the second item in the menu, it brings up the posting with its media file link broken. The posting itself is located on the page named “Articles.” When viewed from this page, the media file link is active.



    There does not seem to be a left sidebar on this site:


    Are you asking about another site? If so we need the URL beginning with http to help


    Sorry; I must have entered the wrong URL. The one with the problem is http://apsfuture.wordpress.com/

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