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    Where does one localize the Lorem ipsum placeholder text shown on newly created sites if a locale uses a different text for such purposes?

    The blog I need help with is akerbeltzalba.wordpress.com.


    I can’t remember any instances of “Lorem ipsum…” for new sites, or do you mean the default first post? (assuming Scottish Gaelic, if I remember correctly)


    Yes it’s Scottish Gaelic. To be honest, I’m not 100% certain myself. I’ve had a request from a few WP users who said that on new sites, the get the Lorem ipsum even if they’re using .com in Gaelic. But I didn’t recall seeing it either, which is why I decided to ask.
    Perhaps it’s a default text tied to certain themes or maybe a plugin?


    No idea. Maybe someone from staff can shed a light?



    “Lorem ipsum” on default posts is not part of GlotPress. Could you please point me to a example or two where it’s being published directly on a user site? How critical would you consider this issue?


    Ah right, if it’s not part of GlotPress then that’s good enough for me, it’s not a huge issue. Thanks!

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