losing my pics&friends lists!!

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    there are two questions I can not understand:

    1. I have done the 4 steps, however, beside the promise from the windows live space, I lost all my pics&my friends lists.

    2. there are some languages could be chosen, except chinese; is it a discrimination?

    For these above, I think windows.live.space and wordpress won’t care losing one chinese user, besides I don’t care losing a bad blog space.

    Goodbye forever,

    a typical chinese user



    Please see here > See here, you might be reassured:

    Your language setting is forund herehttp://begoniawu.wordpress.com/wp-admin/options-general.php

    Also note:
    Staff have two sticky posts at the top of the forum and as auxclass has siad you will need to contact them. There is nothing we Volunteers can do to gelp you. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/did-you-just-move-here-from-live-spaces-welcome?replies=1

    Please note that the following items do *NOT* come over in the import process:

    * Photos that were in albums but not within posts
    Photos that weren’t used in posts are not part of the import process because they aren’t actually part of the Windows Live Spaces blog. They are part of the Photos or Skydrive service. The photo albums from Skydrive are always accessible and aren’t going anywhere. Anyone can find them at http://photos.live.com/.

    * Modules

    * Lists
    Please see here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/live-spaces-retrieving-your-lists?replies=1

    * Pending/draft posts
    Right now, the draft posts are trapped in limbo and WordPress.com Staff are communicating with Live Spaces about them.

    In addition Volunteers are here to help you. What more you could possibly expect is beyond my comprehension. :(



    Oops! I made a mistake above. Sorry :(

    Your language setting is found here http://begoniawu.wordpress.com/wp-admin/options-general.php



    Sinceramente… essa transição ficou horrível, foi uma péssima mudança. Pelo visto vários usuários insatisfeitos, é muito complicado manter o blog no wordpress, cheio de coisinha, custa a ficar do jeito que queremos, e esse negócio de foto não vir junto porque é do skydrive… foi péssimo… com certeza vocês têm muitos usuários insatisfeitos por aqui e apoio nosso amigo chinês aí, tem muita falha a ser corrigida e tenho certeza que muita gente vai desistir de ter blog por causa disso.



    @takaialine: I see you already posted a question a few hours ago on the Portuguese forum, so I invite you to be patient and to see what solutions the volunteers there have to offer. Good luck.

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