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    Hope someone can easily resolve this one.

    I started blogging for obvious reasons but also because once a year I wanted to print out my blog in book format so I can look back on it when I am an old fart.

    However when I go back my blog posts are not there or the title is there but the contents are empty. This is of course seriously annoying and I don’ believe there is any delete after x data. In Dec 2008 there are 25 entries but only about 8 with contents.


    Can anyone tell me why my posts are vanishing? I seem to have information in posts going back to 21st Dec 2008 but before that the posts are empty?

    Hope someone can help.

    The blog I need help with is anthonyjstewart.wordpress.com.


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    Clicking on widgets ‘Calendar’ or ‘Archives’ for December 08 shows a list of titles of all your posts. Click title and you will see the post. That is how that theme is designed to work.

    I see that in both my test blog and on your blog. Looks A-OK.

    If you’re not seeing that, try clearing cache and cookies and restart browser.

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