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    I have been having problems with my posts. I hit save and only the title is saved, the post disappears – let me tell you it has been no fun, since some of the posts were rather long.

    I’ve tried save and continue editing and still have the same problem.

    I’ve been doing my posts in word and then cut and copy, but I’d rather not have to do it that way.



    Which editor are you using?

    Browser? Version?

    Security settings? Firewall?

    Any other information that you can give?

    Really need more to go on here.



    Try turning off the WYSIWYG editor under your profile.



    Hi, I’m having the same problem as Samaha. I’m ending up writing the post, copying it, pressing save – it disappears (apart from the title) and then I paste it in again! 2nd time round it always works fine. I post mainly from work (its a blog for my classes) so its a bit tricky to be specific about security (and I can’t change it anyway – no admin rights). But here is what I’ve got:

    Internet explorer – up to date version 6(boo!)
    We use ‘Fastweb’ which is effectively a LAN internet connection (fibre optical wire) – so we can’t control the central router anyway, I’d also imagine this means it has a pretty tight firewall. However in my (amateur) opinion its unlikely to be at my end as it has only started quite recently and the school tech hasn’t made any significant upgrades or changes to the security settings in the meantime.

    I also get the ‘loaded but with errors’ symbol at the bottom of my browser.

    Any help very gratefully received! If there is anything specific that you need to know re: security setting etc please let me know and I’ll try to get onto our elusive network manager.




    Please try what Matt suggested
    -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> uncheck the “use the visual rich editor” box -> update profile



    Not only that, but once the post is written, click in the text box and copy all the text (I use Control A, Control C to do this). Then publish. This way if something goes wrong you’ve still got everything.

    Are you getting a pop-up warning saying that if you navigate off the page you’ll lose your content? I get that all the time, except when I do the above and click Publish while everything is still highlighted.

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