Losing thecomments area on attachment pages.

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    I have asked before and been told I can’t lose the comments panel on attachment pages and then I read somewhere (was it on Panos’s blog) that it is possible but I couldn’t understand the details. I really want just a contact panel at the end (under ‘contact’) not on every attachment page ??? The attachment pages are very good and useful apart from that.
    It will be very untidy to have to leave an instruction on every attachment page (in ‘DESCRIPTION’!) saying don’t use the panel below.
    Wordpress know that some people want effectively static blogs so it seems strage that this is so counter intuitive. No way to turn it off unlike on Pages.
    THANKS anyone who can help. Apart from this, after two solid weeks work, it is begining to feel a bit more like down-hill!


    I’ve tried to explain it here:

    Trying again:
    Attachment pages adopt your default settings. So you need to keep the option “Allow people to post comments on new articles” unchecked in Settings>Discussion, and re-activate commenting in the Discussion module of the post/page editor after you publish the post/page.



    Thank you I will try again…that was what I had read. Just I couldn’t understand. I did go to settings. So often all one needs is that the cursor might hover and produce a magic explanation…otherwise these sites are designed for the already converted…if you see what I mean.
    I will try harder! Cheers. Julia



    Despite going around in circles checking boxes I STILL can’t get it.
    I already have several pages of stuff with images on my blog.
    I have disabled the main pages from showing comments boxes.
    It is the attachment pages that have comments boxes. I can’t do what you say BEFORE publishing a page because they are already published. I tried UPDATING thinking maybe that is the same thing.
    I unchecked the ALLOW box
    ‘Edited’ the page and updated it (like it was NEW I thought) went back and checked the ALLOW box…but it remains the same.
    WHAT am I doing wrong?
    I would be so grateful for a step by step on this? Seems so silly that isn’t easier. Perhaps some-one could add it to WordPress’s HELP section!
    Hope you have time … I do appreciate it.



    The easiest and fastest way to lose the comment section on attachment pages is to edit your Gallery settings and make your Gallery thumbnails link to images and not attachment pages.


    In fact, the only way if your talking about pages already published. So please stop scratching your head or asking for another “step by step”: you can’t remove the comment box on attachment pages once the page they’re attached to has been published – period.



    Thank you. I will have to live with it! Or do as justjennifer says. IF I can make out HOW to do that.
    Sorry to have persisted but …at least now I know its NO!
    Thanks both.


    You’re welcome.

    To do as Jennifer says, you’ll have to edit each page as follows:
    In the visual editor, click gallery rectangle, click mountain icon, select Image File instead of Attachment Page where it says “Link thumbnails to:”, click Update Gallery Settings, click Update (post).
    Or (faster) switch the editor to HTML, change this:
    to this:
    [gallery link="file"]
    Then click Update.

    For more info on galleries, see this FAQ (by Jennifer!):
    Or the Support doc on galleries:



    Thanks again! I did try the changing gallery to link to image (I hadn’t noticed that bit), but then you lose the opportunity to add text, which I need. Meanwhile I will copy this off for reference!
    I do appreciate your time.
    You would be amazed at what a muddle beginners can get into. AND I have been very methodical.
    I can’t see any way of checking the file size of what one has uploaded…I ought to ask that as a separate question I guess.
    Cheers. Julia

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