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losing unfinished comments

  1. Hi,
    For the second time I have just lost a long comment I had almost finished composing by closing the tab inadvertently. Poo. Don't suppose Comments have an Autosave and that it's possible to retrieve them? It feels so silly to start typing it all out a second time - loses its lustre somehow....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Once I wrote a 1000 words article and I did the same silly thing like you. But I got that one back by seeing the history. i-e by clicking "Restore last tab".

  3. Thanks hnsaifi,
    Glad not to be the onely silly tab-closer in the world.
    Where will I find "Restore last tab"? As this is now a while ago, can I restore to a few tabs before the last?

  4. It depends upon your browser. I did that through chrome. What browser are you using so that I'll tell you the exact way of doing that.

  5. Did right click on your tabs at the top and click on the "Reopen closed tab" there.
    As it depends upon your browser to remove your data or let it remain there.

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