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Loss of traffic and stats?

  1. In the last week, my blog has gone from 90-150 views per day to 10-12. I might have put this to chance, but I've also noticed that the cumulative count of tagged clicks has changed: Tags that used to report 400-500 hits now show 100 or so.

    I have had trouble with my DSL service during this time, though I'm not sure what difference that would make...

    Thanks in advance...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    I have flagged this thread so Staff will take a look at your stats for you.

  3. lyingonthemoon

    I's having problems with stats too.
    I receive some emails of people who liked my blog or my posts, but in stats bar only have one or two visits.
    Something is happening

  4. AP is reporting that GoDaddy was hacked on Monday. Wondering if this has anything to do with it...

  5. mittopia59, it looks like you main source of traffic has been Google, and that has been on a steady decline. Unfortunately, we have no control over how Google operates their search index.

    lyingonthemoon, Likes can be generated from the Reader without visiting your blog!/read/

  6. @lyingonthemoon
    Folloing up on what macmanx posted, likes and shares numbers are misleading when you are talking about page view stats. Your followers and anyone with a blog who is logged into can "like" and "share" your posts in several locations such as the Reader without ever clicking into your blog and creating a page view stat. Those who have username accounts only but no blog can become followers and click the "like" and/or "share" buttons. Those who do not have accounts cannot use the like button.

    Note: To compel readers to click into my blog to read the full post thereby creating a page view stat, I have set my RSS Feed for posts to “summary” on this page > Settings > Reading

  7. The "like" and "share" stats are not the ones that concern me. The "clicks" stats have changed. That is: Tags that showed over 500 views now show fewer than 100. This seems odd, though maybe I'm not interpreting them properly.

  8. It's pretty much directly related to the decrease in traffic from Google.

    Less Visitors = Less Clicks

  9. So....It's normal behavior for clicks to disappear?

    Perhaps I'm not being clear:

    Tag Topic A---535 clicks showing last week

    Tag Topic A--85 clicks showing now

    Does the click counter only apply to a given time period? Does it reset at some point? My impression was that it is cumulative.

    I understand that my traffic may simply have dropped. But I do not understand why clicks on a given tag have vanished.

  10. If your traffic has dropped, there are fewer readers to click on things. Seems natural to me.

  11. I am having the same problem as mittopia59, it is NOT a decline in traffic but a disappearance of previously tallied views. I have been refreshing my stats page today because I was close to 100,000 all-time views and I have a celebratory post ready. Before my lunch break my all-time views stat was 99,994. When I came back from lunch it had dropped to 91,015. Since this number is an accumulation of all views on my blog, it should never decline! Why did nearly 10,000 views suddenly disappear?!

  12. Our stats are not real time stats. They are cached and do take some time to update and rectify.

  13. @ Pagelady, et al:

    This is what I have been trying to convey.

    Clicks and views have been disappearing.

    I understand that my traffic may simply be down. But I don't understand why a tag that had previously showed 500+ clicks now shows 85.

    If clicks is a number that resets at some interval, that would make sense, but that's not what I'm hearing. The responses I'm getting are that I have less traffic, but that doesn't explain why existing clicks have disappeared.

  14. What mittopia is saying is that the amount of hits that were on a particular tag has gone down in the stats count page, right? That's because we are now in a new month. Are you looking at the views from the past week, the past month, the past 30 days, or overall?

  15. To clear up any confusion with my poor use of lingo:

    I am losing "Views" under "Topics."

    This is not a matter of seeing fewer views because of less traffic--Views that were previously counted from older posts have gone away.

  16. I am having the exact same issue: "Views that were previously counted from older posts have gone away." And I'm looking at my "views all time."

  17. If you had seven views over seven days, on the eighth day if you had no views then you would have had six views over seven days. that's the easiest way i can describe it. Someone else may do better.

  18. @thegiddygoat: Thank you. I did consider this, but it doesn't correlate to a new month, a new thirty-day interval, or a new week, as far as I can see--just sort of happened randomly, a few days into September, but less than 30 days after starting the blog.

    Also...I can't find a setting in my stats page that allows me to select a time interval for tags viewed?

    Am I missing something?

  19. Also take into account there are not always the same amount of days in a month.

  20. Wasn't sure what you mean about a setting in the stats page , but on your stats page click on 'summaries' for a run down of your stats by week or month etc.

  21. @thegiddygoat my problem is that my total number of all-time views on my blog suddenly dropped by about 10,000. This number shouldn't be affected by new days, weeks, or months, and it should never decline in the first place. Statistics that were previously tallied have simply disappeared. It's not a matter of explaining how to read the stats.

  22. @pagelady i think you have a different problem and staff need to take a look for you. I've tagged this staff for you.

  23. @thegiddygoat, et al:

    I believe pagelady is describing a similar phenomenon.

    I am looking at all time views, as far as I can tell--unless there is a hidden button or link. I may not be reading the stats page correctly, but...I don't think that's the issue. It all seems pretty clear.

    All time views are declining. Not daily, weekly, or monthly. I have seen this in overall views, and--most strikingly--in tags viewed.

    I may be really dense: Is there a reason that *overall* views would decline due to a decrease in daily traffic?

  24. @mittopia59 Staff can look at yours too don't worry

  25. lyingonthemoon

    Thank you macmanx and timethief^^

  26. @lyingonthemoon
    You're welcome. :)

  27. Thanks to all for the responses. Unfortunately, I still don't see an explanation for loss of views: This does not seem to be related to a change of week or month. My overall stats show fewer views than they did a week ago. Seems odd, but maybe I'll just have to live with it...

  28. Follow-up: My daily traffic is back to more normal levels.

    I may be all wrong, but I think this had to do with GoDaddy's massive failure last week.

    There's a pronounced inverse-bell curve to my views, beginning a few days before the problem was announced, bottoming out on the day GD announced problems, and coming back up to normal levels over the next few days, then stabilizing. Very odd, and it seems like quite a coincidence...

    Thanks again for all the responses.

  29. citizenbigbeat

    I wish somebody at WordPress would explain why this is happening. My "all-time" stats too have suddenly decreased by 20 or 30 per cent, as they have on other WordPress blogs I'm aware of.

    I stress this is not a drop in daily or monthly traffic, but a sudden decrease in "all-time" hits in summaries. These are past number that can't logically be decreased by a new or temporary drop in traffic.

  30. citizenbigbeat

    It also appears that WordPress is now counting only those hits on some past blog posts and not all. At least, that's all it's displaying and it's backed up by total daily numbers displayed. Something weird doing on here . . .

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