Loss of traffic and stats?

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    @thegiddygoat my problem is that my total number of all-time views on my blog suddenly dropped by about 10,000. This number shouldn’t be affected by new days, weeks, or months, and it should never decline in the first place. Statistics that were previously tallied have simply disappeared. It’s not a matter of explaining how to read the stats.



    @pagelady i think you have a different problem and staff need to take a look for you. I’ve tagged this staff for you.



    @thegiddygoat, et al:

    I believe pagelady is describing a similar phenomenon.

    I am looking at all time views, as far as I can tell–unless there is a hidden button or link. I may not be reading the stats page correctly, but…I don’t think that’s the issue. It all seems pretty clear.

    All time views are declining. Not daily, weekly, or monthly. I have seen this in overall views, and–most strikingly–in tags viewed.

    I may be really dense: Is there a reason that *overall* views would decline due to a decrease in daily traffic?



    @mittopia59 Staff can look at yours too don’t worry


    Thank you macmanx and timethief^^



    You’re welcome. :)



    Thanks to all for the responses. Unfortunately, I still don’t see an explanation for loss of views: This does not seem to be related to a change of week or month. My overall stats show fewer views than they did a week ago. Seems odd, but maybe I’ll just have to live with it…



    Follow-up: My daily traffic is back to more normal levels.

    I may be all wrong, but I think this had to do with GoDaddy’s massive failure last week.

    There’s a pronounced inverse-bell curve to my views, beginning a few days before the problem was announced, bottoming out on the day GD announced problems, and coming back up to normal levels over the next few days, then stabilizing. Very odd, and it seems like quite a coincidence…

    Thanks again for all the responses.


    I wish somebody at WordPress would explain why this is happening. My “all-time” stats too have suddenly decreased by 20 or 30 per cent, as they have on other WordPress blogs I’m aware of.

    I stress this is not a drop in daily or monthly traffic, but a sudden decrease in “all-time” hits in summaries. These are past number that can’t logically be decreased by a new or temporary drop in traffic.


    It also appears that WordPress is now counting only those hits on some past blog posts and not all. At least, that’s all it’s displaying and it’s backed up by total daily numbers displayed. Something weird doing on here . . .



    Where is the URL starting with http:// for the blog you refer to please?



    It’s on the WordPress platform. Let me know if there’s other information you need. Thanks.



    I flagged this thread for Staff. Please be patient while waiting.





    Everyone here has been really helpful, but to be honest…

    I think WP stats follow some weird algorithmic logic that doesn’t always correlate to normal arithmetic. It’s probably easier just to live it with and not stress too hard. It’s free, after all…

    As an example, right now, I’m advertising on another site, which shows X number of click-throughs to my WP blog. The WP stats show only a fraction of these clicks. Seems weird…


    Weird thing here is that numbers are changing after the fact, and continuing to decrease. Twice in the past week my blog’s “all-time” numbers in summaries have dropped, and at this rate soon the summaries presumably will show no past hits at all!

    You’re right that it’s free, but no service will survive in the long-term if it’s unreliable, free or not. I’ve heard nothing from WordPress about it, nor found any relevant answer online anywhere. @mittopia59, please let me know if you have. Thanks.



    I’ve heard nothing from WordPress about it, nor found any relevant answer online anywhere.

    I flagged this thread for a Staff response again.


    Thanks again, @timethief



    Would you please grab screenshots of your all time totals over the next three days? Just one a day would be fine.

    You can upload them via Media -> Add New in your blog’s Dashboard.




    @ citizenbigbeat: Your issue sounds very similar to mine. Over the course of a few weeks, my stats went rather haywire, and I did see a few decreases in overall hits–as well as other stats. (I didn’t have the foresight to take screenshots.) The good news is, it eventually stabilized…mostly. I still see an occassional, random loss of overall hits, but the numbers are low, and it’s more a random thing than a steady trend.

    I do know that my ISP has been having local server issues for weeks, but I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it. (I have come to expect this from V***zon.)

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