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    WordPress.com just lost a blog post I had written. When I hit save I got an error message instead. Hit the “back” button in the hopes my draft would still be there, but no luck. First time it’s happened, but still EXTREMELY frustrating.

    Seriously making me reconsider plans to move some business-related blogs to this platform. As ticked as I am, I can only imagine what the CEO’s reaction would be if he lost an hour’s work with no explanation.



    This has been happening lately for no reason we can determine. Always, always either use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk or Ecto or remember to copy the contents of the blog post before hitting Publish.


    If you don’t want the possibility of losing posts, here or on any other blogging platform, use an offline blog editor which saves copies of your posts on your hard drive. http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com/2007/10/26/offline-blog-editors-reviews/

    I have friends on blogger and also on typepad, and they complain about losing posts. It happens anywhere you are working in an online editor instead of on your computer. Your internet connection dies, there is a problem with the internet network, a server goes down. The number of reasons this can happen are nearly endless.

    Given the number of posts made per day here at wordpress.com, the number lost due to any errors (wordpress, the internet, or personal computer) are incredibly low.

    If you don’t want the CEO’s to use you for target practice, set them up with an offline editor.

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