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lost ability to adjust a widget when i upgraded to CSS customization

  1. My top posts widget no longer displays the amount i change it to when i edit my widgets. Right now it is set to display 12 and yet only 7 are showing. I know this has something to do with the CSS because it happened the instant i upgraded to the customization of CSS option. I use the Benevolence theme and you can view my blog at Any ideas how to resolve this? thanks,

  2. i just increased the number of recent comments that displays and now it is displaying even less top post are showing. looks like they are fighting for space but recent comments wins, anyone know how to fix this?

  3. ok now i am back to where i was, 7 top posts displaying but it is set for 12. 10 recent comments are set and all ten are displaying.

  4. Have you adjusted the CSS at all?

  5. Sidebars are cached on the wordpress servers. Sometimes, depending on server loads, it can take a little while for sidebar changes to show up. Also, I think 10 is the maximum for the recent comments widget.

  6. i have adjusted colors in the CSS and added the image header but thats about it.

    i don't think its cached cause this has been a few days of this.

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