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lost admin privileges

  1. I have 2 active blogs and one weird stub (with no content) created by mistake. I deleted that blog, and I thought ONLY that blog (per the url in the confirmatory email, which was, NOT the url for my other blogs). Or so I thought. But now I get message that I "do not have necessary privileges to access the dashboard" for my other 2 blogs that I did not delete. Did deleting one blog remove me from all? How do I get admin back for the other 2?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I also have another blog, (the support form allows only 1 blog to ask for help with) which also says I am logged in but do not have administrator privileges for. How can I get these back?

  3. The blogs are still online and working. I can post as a visitor but can't get admin.

  4. is mapped to and is working fine and your log-in is at: does not seem to have been registered

    Deleting a blog should not remove you as Admin from an account or from any other blogs

    Sometimes people try and log-in with the wrong user name / account

    I will flag this for staff attention as they can look at your accounts and correct any problems you are having

  5. Thanks so much. You're right, I was entering something wrong.
    Seem to be ok now.
    Much appreciated.

  6. You be welcome & good luck

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