Lost all followers during hosting transfer

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    So this is something I realized some time ago but i was just wondering why I lost all of my followers on my oscarrelentos.wordpress.com blog when I switched hosting to a separate site. I can understand not having the followers themselves transfer to the new site, but I don’t understand why I lost them on the oscarrelentos.wordpress.com blog. Any help whatsoever in this regard would be immensely appreciated =)

    The blog I need help with is oscarrelentos.wordpress.com.


    Howdy –

    The followers can be transferred if you’ve enabled the Jetpack plugin on the new site. Can you tell me the new site URL so that I can see if you are set up with the Jetpack plugin and get those followers moved.

    Please confirm the following —

    old site: oscarrelentos.wordpress.com
    new site: ?


    Apologies on the many days old reply, yes the old site is oscarrelentos.wordpress.com.

    The new site is oscarrelentos.com

    The jetpack plugin is installed to the best of my knowledge, but I don’t know why the followers haven’t moved unless I’m somehow missing something. Any help whatsoever with respect to this issue would be much appreciated, thank you so much for your time and my apologies for the delayed reply. I saved this inquiry page but I just didn’t know how to set message replies for this inquiry up for push notifications or any other notifications



    Hi there,

    Followers are not moved automatically. In addition to installing Jetpack you need to specifically tell it to migrate your subscribers as explained here:


    But I’ve now done that for you. Your subscribers will now see posts from the new site in their Readers.


    Hello there thank you so much for your help!! I see that there are now 21 followers on my new site thank you so much for helping with that, but I don’t have a record of my previous followers list which was upwards of 3,000 people, do you know where that list might have gone? I had migrated the site back in March or April of this year, so I’m uncertain as to what may have happened there or where I might be able to reference those followers. But any additional help whatsoever with this matter would be greatly appreciated thank you so much for your time



    The site at oscarrelentos.wordpress.com only had those 21 subscribers. Is it on that site that you had over 3000 followers?

    Looking at your stats, that does not seem likely. Your site averaged around 200 total views a month between March 2017 and March 2018. If you had 3000 subscribers on the site I’d expect that number to be much higher.

    Is there any chance you have another WordPress.com site in a different account that might be the one with those followers?


    Somewhere during the transfer it dropped to zero from over 3,000. I would blog very infrequently so that was a piece of the reason traffic stats won’t give a clear indication of the number of WordPress subscribers I had prior to the transfer. Mostly I blogged between 2015-2016. I know for a fact it was this account, I don’t have any other WordPress blogs. So I guess I just need to take that it will forever remain a mystery how they all disappeared during the transfer, I wish I would have noticed right after the transfer but I guess that was ultimately my mistake. Really wish there was some record of my subscribers though I never saved a list or anything as far as I know. I know there was some method of saving the site to transfer over but I can’t remember the name of the file, would that potentially have a subscribers record as well? Would there be any saved files I would have needed for the transfer that might potentially have records of my subscribers?



    Is there any chance you were publicizing to Twitter or Facebook? WordPress.com would count your followers there in the total site followers, whereas Jetpack does not. If you have lots of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, that could explain the discrepancy.


    I was not, they were pretty much exclusively WordPress.com followers. My site was oscarrelentos.wordpress.com and then I bought the premium set up so I would have the domain name, and it was oscarrelentos.com. Then I decided to switch to self-hosting before my premium set up ran out, and I transferred over to Siteground hosting, but when I did the transfer all the followers disappeared. Really a bummer but it’s starting to sound like there’s no record of those followers anywhere from what it sounds like here



    Well, I have some fantastic news for you. I did more digging…. and I found that at some point you had transferred all of your followers to a temporary domain. You must have disconnected Jetpack, then reconnected with the new domain, because you were given a different ID on our back end.

    I was able to locate the old id, though, and with it, over 3800 followers. They’re being sent to your new site now.



    Oh wow this is incredible news oh my God thank you so much!!!!! I really really appreciate your digging into this matter definitely just accepted that those followers were gone but I’m ecstatic to see that there was a record and they were successfully transferred over, I’m over the moon thank you so much for all of your help!!!!!!!! =D



    I’m so glad we could find them too. Cheers, @oscarrelentos!

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