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Lost all formatting. Can't edit or publish. Most graphics gone.

  1. I cannot publish or save a post since this morning. Was fine yesterday. Was slow but functional in early morning -- since then, essentially dead. Other WordPress blogs also display incorrectly, without proper formatting -- but mine appears fine to them. I can connect to Gooogle, Facebook, Gmail, Bloggers ... but not mine. Essentially, all formatting is gone. I can't edit, save, publish or properly view my site. Have cleared cookies and cache with no improvement. Restore computer to earler date. Rebooted multiple time. All since this morning. Was OK yesterday. I've got almost 1500 posts ... almost 2 years of work to get to this point and just crossed 100,000 hits a couple of days ago. Is this a virus? Have I been hacked? I can't even think what more I can do.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds like you have an ISP problem. In other words, your internet provider is blocking the CSS images frokm Give them a call and direct them to this thread.

    But before you do, try looking at your blog with your virus protection and firewall disabled. If it looks fine then, the problem is with one of those things and you'll need to work it out with those companies.

  3. I am on vacation at a resort and their ISP -- over which I have no control -- may be the problem. They have many problems, this might be one more on a long list. I will try disabling McAfee and see if that's the problem, though why it would suddenly (after 2 years) decide to bar WP I have no idea. But I will try all of the above and if there is STILL a problem, I'll have to hope it is the resort's ISP -- and hope the issue will vanish when we get home (which can't be soon enough for me). Thanks, I'll try and let you know how it goes.

  4. McAfee occasionally blacklists It's happened before. But I've also seen two or three similiar reports in teh forum, which would indicate it's a widespread problem.

  5. What is weirdest (amongst much weirdness) is that I'm getting parts of my site, but not all of it and the functional parts are missing ... like the ability to edit and publish. Or upload graphics. IF it's McAfee, so you know what I can do to make it stop? I was in McAfee and could not find any way to white list WP.

    On the other hand, IF this is a widespread problem, it would put my mind at rest to know that it isn't me and will get fixed. Disabling the firewall didn't help, by the way. And it's not completely blocked. I get pieces of it. It came up correctly for a few seconds (literally) then fell apart. Maddening.

  6. Turning off McAfee completely doesn't help, so I think it isn't McAfee. That leaves some kind of WP server issue or the resort's ISP. All information eagley received. Whatever it is, it sure looks like it's out of my hands. So maybe I should take some excedrin and try to just forget it until I get more information from somewhere. I'm driving myself crazy.

  7. If you're at a resort, that's my best advice, since staff won't be back till Monday anyway to sort this out. Try making up a murder mystery involving the other guests. If that's not amusing, make it a musical instead. If you really want to be amused, tell them what you made up.

  8. Murder sounds good right now. This place is a dump. They don't know how to reboot their router, much less deal with an ISP. Isn't today Monday? I don't think I'm that befuddled. I still can't access my blog or any WordPress site -- except this one. If the problem isn't at your end, then it's got to be the hotel because my husband's laptop is having the identical problem. The cyber world will have to do without me and I without it ... but if there is anything you can do or tell me what I can do, I'd really appreciate it. It's going to be a long week. Been here since Friday & was fine until this morning. Then it just fell apart. Something happened. But what?

  9. It does sound like an ISP issue if both your computers are having that issue. Fake super-geek competence and tell them, "Could you phone your Internet Service Provider and ask them to whitelist because I really DO need to update my travel blog for this trip." If that does not get them moving to help you, nothing will.

    Also, find the youngest person on staff. They'll know how to reboot the router, I bet. Good luck.

  10. The staff seems to be one middle aged woman who isn't sure where the router IS. And a part time maintenace guy. When I say this place is a dump ... well ... it's all on my blog. Maybe they did this on purpose to keep me from writing any more. If so, it's just delaying tactic. I will have my revenge. We may go home early. This place is bad and we are sleeping on the futon in the LR because the bed is so old and hard it's more like a rack then a a place to sleep. I'm not sure Front Desk knows what a blog IS. And the toilets keep clogging. It will make hilarious anecdote in the future. Right now, it's not as funny as it will be ... eventually. Thanks for your support. It's lonely here in the land of anti geek.

  11. I'm surprised they can get away with that in an area as competitive as that.

    I had a brainstorm. It's not perfect, but if you have smartphones, can you try posting from them? If they're using teh PHONE data rather than wifi then you might have full access. If it works, you should be able to get your computer off wifi and tether it to your phone. Could be expensive, though.

  12. Expensive is the word. We have a minimal data plan to handle email. We have many computers, so we use phones as telephones. My husband likes doing email on his iPhone, but I don't. Too small. No keyboard. And Confession: I don't know how to use my phone to post. I don't use my phone a lot. I can field strip a computer, but phones? Not so much.

    I'll call Front Desk and try but I'm not optimistic. Getting hangers for the closet and a baking dish was hard. Someone more savvy than I could do it -- thought with our plans, it would be insanely expensive and we are living on Social Security. Not much spare change there. My Kindle runs WiFi too. I'm buggered. Thanks again. I need coffee. Lots of it. And chocolate.

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