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    The blog I need help with is

  2. ALL CAPS IS RUDE SHOUTING - please fix your caps lock key

    Why not just unpaste the CSS changes that affected the pictures and live with a slightly different font size until someone can help you??

  3. I could not find what I pasted in CSS to undo these changes....I would definitely live with a smaller font size at this point just to have my photos restored back. They are tiny pinpoints by the copy...I think that by changing to a larger font size, it compressed the photos so they are pinpoint size. If my CSS could be restored to its default, then perhaps this stupid change would be overriden by the effort to increase font you know how I can restore back to original CSS....
    btw, thank you for even responding....I appreciate that...

  4. Is this resolved then? if you are referring to this site it all looks very good to me. All the photos are present, the text is quite readable. I'm viewing in Chrome 36 and Firefox 31.

    do you know how I can restore back to original CSS

    You can revert to an earlier version from the revisions

  5. Thank you Jennifer....yes it was resolved. WordPress tech support came through! They restored the photos, enlarged font size and I am good to go! Thank you for liking the site.....

  6. my blog has become completely inaccessible. I bought a genesis framework and the sample theme. I tried to add a code to change the colour and styling and the blog just disappeared. PLEASE HELP
    I am unable to access it through wordpress even

  7. @anupamank2004 I already answered you in your own thread.

    @coastalgirl831 I hope at least the information about CSS revisions was helpful to you.

    When a forum thread is resolved, only the person who opened it can mark it so in the dropdown menu in the thread sidebar. Won't you please do so now? That way we forum volunteers know we are free to continue to help other community members. Thanks!

  8. May I get help in adding the social media icons to my blog at footer area. I have tried to follow the tutorials and am not able to. Also, I joined facebook, twitter and pinterest. Once adding the icons to the footer, is there another step in connecting to those accounts? My site gets introducted to the public this Tuesday and need to have these done.

    Also, is there a way to backup a blog in case I lose it somehow?

  9. You can get answers more speedily if you search the Support site first. :)

    Adding social media icons: (found by searching for "social media icons")

    You might also be interested in "publicize" (I'll let you search for that one)

    Backing up a site: (found by searching for "backup")

    This may also help:

  10. Hi Jennifer.....thank you so much for that info. I have trouble following instructions and wonder if anyone can do this for me? Will wordpress support do this and also back up my site? I go live in a few days and could use this help....

  11. Since you have paid upgrades, you could try inquiring with Staff for help.

    But, just take the instructions one line at a time. Don't try to read it all at once.

    As far as backing up, frequently backs up on your site for you. You really only need to do it if you are moving off or have a multi-author site.

  12. Hi do I get this request to a wordpress support staff? I was working was a terrific wordpress gal yesterday who did great things for me, but she may be off work today, as I haven't hear back.

    Computers crashing,etc. won't affect my blog if it isn't backed up? I'll check with wordpress to see that my site is backed up.
    Wow, thank you for taking the time to respond to are fantastic!!!

  13. If you replied to a support email, know then there's normally little or no staff support on the weekend. You'll have to be patient.

    Since the backup that creates isn't saved on your computer (unless YOU download a copy) Staff have access to those backups on their servers. The only cases I know of where backups won't help is if the site owner deletes their site (it's permanent!) or requests to have the contents cleared (ditto).

    You're welcome and happy blogging.

  14. WordPress.COM back's up your site on a continuous basis - they have three very large server farms that mirror each other - then they have some "tapes" that are off site - so your blog is safe from everything except you deleting something and taking the trash out

  15. Thanks Jennifer and auxclass for your information about backing up. Really appreciate the time you have taken to help me.

  16. Need to remove a feature from my blog. When my friends go to "like" a post or a page, it takes them to register, give a password and ultimately signs them up for wordpress. I want to eliminate all that and have them "like" a post or a page like on facebook, then move on. It is turning people off to my site.

    Please advise.

  17. That's not possible. Our like button, like every other like button eg. Facebook's, can only be used by logged in member of

  18. So in order to eliminate this hassle to my readers I have to eliminate the like buttons altogether? Is that an option?

  19. If you wish to suppress the display on your posts so no new bloggers who discover your blog posts can use the like button see here.

  20. It's not to deter bloggers, it's just not that user friendly for my followers. They are all having difficulty with liking posts/pages...just want to know if I can omit the like buttons? I know it is not ideal but I don't want to annoy my readers.

  21. To be able to keep track of likes, and who has liked your posts and show their Gravatars (if they have one), has to have something to tie the likes to within our system and to the correct Gravatars.

    If you would like to disable Likes, go to Settings→Sharing and choose “Turned on per post” next to Likes are.

    Alternately you can use the following CSS to hide the likes from posts and pages.

    div.jetpack-likes-widget-wrapper {
        display: none;
  22. Thank you all for your info on this. I really want to show "likes" on my posts and pages, but the sign-in process is confusing my not-so-tech-savvy friends. They feel they are signing on to wordpress, which confuses them. When they like a post, can the sign in process be changed so they can just sign in, add a password, and then move on?

  23. Sorry, the signup process is not something that is configurable. On the Follow Blog feature, the user only has to enter a email address, but for likes, needs a little more information. The user does not have to sign up for a blog, they can sign up for a username only.

  24. Thank you thesacredpath for explaining that so simply and clearly. I now understand. I am closing this forum on my subject. xoxoxo

  25. You are welcome and let us know if you have additional questions or problems.

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