lost all widgets & theme got switched to coraline

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    my theme got switched from cutline to coraline. maybe I didn’t get the memo but now all my widgets are gone, the whole layout is gone and the site looks like a pre school beginner site.

    what’s happening?

    The blog I need help with is juergenreiter.com.



    I am experiencing this same problem. VERY FRUSTRATING. What is going on?



    This happened to me yesterday, too. With some searching I discovered Cutline has been “phased out” and replaced by Coraline. For my blog the phasing out happened rather suddenly yesterday afternoon.

    Coraline has some nice features but overall I’m not thrilled with the change (not enough sidebar widgets – who wants widgets at the bottom of the page?), or how the change occured without any warning.

    What’s most interesting is I voiced these opinions on the comments section for the intro to Coraline page but they were moderated out of existence. So if you see a new theme or new change and notice zillions of positive comments but no negative comments now you know why.



    Actually, there was a warning – not that anybody would ever suspect it from the title of the sticky post at the top of the forum



    @madisonjazz Interesting. I’ve always wondered about the almost uninterrupted torrent of sycophancy that always appear when anything new happens, though I have had a few negative comments appear, but that might not happen again, as things are changing at CiF. I noticed yesterday that staffers are censoring forum posts – so, hey! you might not get to see this. . .



    Sorry – mind’s going – not CiF, for pity’s sake, WP.


    @juergenreiter @nikkigreer If any Sidebar Widgets disappeared after the theme switch they should be available at Appearance → Widgets in the Inactive Widgets pane. If they’re not, or if you need help setting up any of your widgets again, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you out.

    For more information, please read the Cutline to Coraline FAQs.

    @madisonjazz If you left a comment on the announcement post and it hasn’t appeared it may yet still or it may have been answered through email if it was a technical support question.


    I had a lot of widgets – 23 or so. I don’t remember all of them – I had so many text widgets that I think it would be impossible to get all my widgets back. I just tried to fix the situation to NO avail. Everything is completely gone. I have no way of re-creating my sidebar again. What do you suggest I do?


    @culturechoc2010 There appears to be a lot of Inactive Widgets in Appearance → Widgets on your blog. Would you be able to let us know if any of those are the missing widgets?


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    The widgets should still be in the un-used widgets window, so you should be able to place them in your sidebar again. Some folks mentioned having difficulty dragging and dropping the widgets; go to screen options and “Enable accessibility mode.”



    ronsealm are right.
    It’ usual in WP censoring comments, more in blog announcements. And if they don’t like a handful of them, the thread is closed.


    @themeshaper Some of them are there. I’m going through them now. What happened to the blog stat widget? That one is not there. I’ll let you know if any others are missing – thanks.


    @themeshaper There is only room for 5 sidebar widgets? I keep trying to use the other widget areas but they are not showing up. Please advise.


    @ludusnaturae: They’re also fond of euphemisms (such as: we replaced Cutline because it was “launched four years ago” and “the state of the art in themes has advanced”, instead of: because it was designed by Chris Pearson).


    After my major meltdown I think I was able to recover my widgets and recreate my blog. I still don’t like the looks of this theme. It seems very amateur.



    I just installed wordpress.org on 1and1 – but alas, no cutline there either, anymore.


    So the announcement was at the top of the forum. Big whoop. No everyone reads the forums every day. An announcement of this sort needs to be at the top of MY DASHBOARD ON THE BLOG IT AFFECTS. You can put it anywhere else, but it HAS to be there. And why dump the widgets, causing more work for everyone? I am swamped right now and don’t have time for this, but my readers–few as they may be–need to know they can subscribe, search, follow tweets, etc. This was not done thoughtfully, with the needs of your users in mind. A proper announcement, well in advance, in the right place, would have given people a chance to browse the themes and see what changes they wanted to make. And save screenshots of the widgets, and someone else mentioned. Grump.



    Okay, after reading culturechoc’s posts I went back and discovered that each widget area will accept more than one widget. Not intuitive, and I wasted much time on this, but at least I can recreate my blog so some extent so that’s a relief.



    Must be a very important guy this Chris! More important than thousands of users and millions of readers!


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    Details about how to use the sidebar are here on Panos’s site:


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