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Lost API Keys and Blog Ownership

  1. It looks like a new API key email is generated and sent out for each new user and each new blog.

    The API key can then be used to help prove blog or account ownership in case of problems like dead email accounts or stolen passwords.

    In looking back at my records I have some but not all of the API keys and am missing the one for my main account.

    Is it possible to request the API key email to be re-sent to all blogs and the user name for a particular account? This would help fix my records and perhaps save some problems in the future.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unfortunately, we can no longer re-send API Keys from here as those are primarily used for Akismet now, but you should be able to get a new key from

  3. It's not getting a new key as much as being able to prove ownership of an existing blog or account. After seeing a large number of problems with account and / or blog ownership I was just trying to fix some of my poor record keeping and while I hope never to loose an active email account or forget a password - the internet happens and ISP's go away etc.

    Would Akismet be able to provide the API key for an individual blog? This is also a bit more confusing as I had at one time an API key for my old WordPress.ORG install.


  4. The API keys aren't actually per-blog, there's only one per account. Are you referring to just your auxclass account?

  5. I found the auxclass API key - if the API key is per account that would explain some "missing" emails - so things are not as bad as I thought

    I do have a concern - I have created blogs for friends and to put it rudely I don't trust them with Admin privileges (after two years all they have mastered is Post by Email) and they are nervous about "breaking" their blog so they are Editors - but it would be nice to be able to give them some sort of proof the blog is intended for them


  6. Are their accounts assigned as the blog owner, or is your account listed as owner?

  7. I am the blog owner - I set the blog up for them while they were sailing out of town to save the email in box - took almost a year to get them added to the blog -

    It sounds like you are headed to that the ownership could be transferred to them and still leave them as Editors? Then the blog would be on their account and they could by having ownership ask to be moved to Admin at some point in the future if they wanted?

  8. No, the ownership could be transferred to them, but they would have to be Administrators then. The system automatically upgrades them, and they can't be downgraded until they transfer ownership elsewhere.

    Each of their accounts has an API key, but that would only be proof of ownership of their accounts themselves with their Editor access to the blogs, not really proof of ownership of the blog at this point.

  9. Thanks James - we have a few months to get them up to speed and decide what we want to do.

  10. You're welcome!

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