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Lost Blog

  1. One of my blogs I cannot find under 'my blogs' and there are no 'hidden' blogs. Can someone help me figure out what I did wrong? I haven't been able to work on my blogs in a long time and now I can't seem to find the one I am most anxious to finish developing. It is coming up on google search. The blog is associated with but is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have more than one username account?
    You cannot access any blog unless you are logged in under the exact same username account that registered the blog.

  3. Hi CommonLas, are you certain that the site is called Are you sure that you spelled it correctly? I ask because that particular site has never existed. When you say that "it is coming up on google search", what exactly do you see on Google?

  4. Hi there. Sorry ... :( very foolish typo - it is actually:
    and yes I do have more than one account...but as close as I can figure things out...this is the blog is linked to commonlas.

  5. No, is the blog linked to commonlas

  6. If you google Maria Bernes it comes up right away as When I open it my identity shows as Leni (commonlas) with pic. So the other accounts would be LAS, mamaspoons, hanloncreek, civicme

  7. (sigh) Okay so I found it. I accidentally created the blog on a site I was doing for a neighborhood group. under as user civicme.
    I am finding the transfer process a little confusing but will start a new support thread regarding transfers if I can't I find what I need to know under current topics. My apologies for taking up time/energy/space on this never once occurred to me that I had started the blog grouped with those. :(

  8. Hi Civicme / CommonLas, no worries! I can still help you here as well. All I need to know is, which blog would you like transfered to which account, if any?

  9. Hey there. Thank you. I would like the linked to me as commonlas...I believe the primary blog there is Then I can manage to delete the ones I don't/can't intend to keep working on. Sorry about getting things so messed up...but a family crisis managed to eat up an well over a year of life...regrettably early in my wordpress learning curve. You guys are absolutely awesome as well patient :) Thanks again.

  10. Ok, I've transfered the mymothermaria site to the commonlas account for you. I noticed that the civicme account has another similar site called; do you want me to transfer that one over as well?

  11. Hi. I wasn't worried about that one initially, but since I really should keep the name for when I can get to doing a totally Italian version similar to would be helpful transfer it now. Thanks for offering. With luck this will be my only 'pest user' support request for 2013. Thanks for going above and beyond with the proactive help offer.

  12. Hi!

    I've taken care of that for you, and no worries, you have not been a pest at all! It's been my pleasure to help you out and get organized! :)

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