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Lost blog entry

  1. I typed a post for my new blog, I'm so Agcited, and seem to have lost it, even though I saw it posted once. Is it possible to retrieve a blog post that was saved but apparently not posted correctly? It's called "...And I just can't hide it."

    Thank you.
    Blog url:

  2. Unfortunately, I can't find any trace of that post. Where did you create it?

    Did you create it at or!/post/ or during the setup process?

  3. Hello, Macmanx,

    I believe I created it at, but it was also while I was setting up my new blog, so it may have been during the setup process.

    I did take a long time to complete it...kept leaving the computer and coming back...could that have been the problem? Although I kept getting messages that it was being saved, and I swear to you, I really did view it once as a published post, but then it disappeared.

    I'd desperately like to get it back. It was for an assignment, and very long (of course). Anyway, thanks and please let me know if you can think of anything else for me to do!


  4. Unfortunately, the post is definitely gone.

    From what it sounds like, I believe you worked on it during the setup process and hit "Finish" at the bottom instead of "Publish" below the post area.

    Only "Publish" publishes the post, whereas "Finish" completes the whole setup process.

    I believe you only saw the post when you previewed it, some time before selecting "Finish".

  5. Oh, man, that sounds like what happened. Sigh.

    So when it says "saving draft" where is it saved to?


  6. It should save somewhere, but in this case it was all thrown out since the post wasn't published before finishing the setup.

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