lost comments, corrupt or multiple accounts?

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    I have been having trouble with posting comments to other sites for a couple of years.
    After hitting ‘post comment’ some comments remain, awaiting moderation. Others simply disappear, despite that I am signed in and the comments form appears to recognise me by name.
    Also, all but two of the comments i have successfully managed to post, don’t appear in the ‘comments I have made’ section of my dashboard.
    As this problem is long standing, I think that my account may be corrupted, perhaps by a preexistent account I had forgotten about?
    I also have several blogs – as far as I can tell I am using the primary blog freyabeth.wordpress.com.
    Please could you suggest the best way to resolve this problem, if necessary, how to delete my entire account and start again?
    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is freyabeth.wordpress.com.

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