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  1. Hi, I need help, I am not sure what I did and I completely messed up blog. I cannot get back into the ADMIN controls to undo what I did. Can you guys help me please?

    Can you get my blog back with all of its contents?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. DID you read the *stickies* before posting?
    DID you do any research?

    Anyone who volunteers, replies to you: will only reply IF you follow the protocols --list the things REQUIRED to help. You don't read/post the protocols: silence

  3. are you not able to find admin page?
    Blog does not show me any readable content.

  4. Just looking into fixing your blog @tlrfoto

  5. Fixed. You'd changed the charset to UTF-16.

  6. Poppy8sd, hi I must admit I do not know anything about programming, nothing, however to answer your questions; No I did not read stickies--I have no idea what this is either, although I wish I did, and I will go look it up--YES I spent all day yesterday, literally, doing research about CSS editing and coding, and I down loaded a few themes, and tried experimenting, reviewing the forums and info that I could find on google. I tried to emulate a few things that other people said they did, following their instructions.

    nishugoyal, I was not able to get back into admin page, I tried so many different avenues as well, yet to no avail.

    I could not sleep last night, worried that I lost everything, and accepting the fact that I may have. When I turned on my computer, checked my blog, everything was back to normal, I was so happy.

    Ok, I learned my lesson, no more programming for me, I will leave that to you guys, and just continue with photographing, and blogging. If any of you are interested, I did change my theme, and changed some things around, but within the parameters of the setting pages.

    Thanks to everyone who responded.


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