Lost Draft despite multiple saves

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    I was working on a draft. I saved it multiple times. For unrelated reasons, I needed to reboot my computer. So I saved the draft AGAIN. Then I went to close my browser. I got a message warning me that all my changes since the last save would be discarded. To be safe, I canceled and saved the draft again. When I went to close my browser, I got the same message. Foolishly, I closed it anyway. I figured, come on, I saved that draft more than a dozen times. There haven’t been any changes since the last save. This must just be a generic warning.

    You guessed it. The draft is gone. Or, rather, a draft with that title is still there. But there is NOTHING in the body. All my text is gone. There is no revision history. There is nothing in the Trash. There is no trace of the Autosaves that supposedly took place every two minutes.

    What happened to my text? Why did WordPress not save it despite my clicking the Save button more than a dozen times over the course of writing the draft? It’s bad enough that WordPress has such an unintuitive interface. But if I can’t trust it to save a draft WHEN I CLICK THE “SAVE DRAFT” BUTTON, then WordPress is worse than useless. I guess it’s time to move my blog somewhere else.

    The blog I need help with is bettercovenant.wordpress.com.



    Hi. We volunteers have no access to the backend. I tagged this so that staff takes a look. Meanwhile, you might want to make sure to check both posts and pages drafts (yes, it happened to me once to create a page when I thought I was creating a post).


    Thanks. That was a good thought about checking Pages. I did check there just to make sure. The problem is the Title of the post appears in the “Recent Drafts” section of my Dashboard. But when I click on it, it brings up a blank post with no revision history.



    Hm, that’s interesting.

    Please contact us via http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ so we can take a closer look.

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