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lost e-mail and password linked to site

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to help my friend log into the site or The site is no longer linked to her e-mail addresses or her original passwords. How can we recover this information? All of the sites I have read talk about resetting this through hacking or but we are not hosting this website ourselves, wordpress is. How can we get in contact with wordpress?

  2. To prove ownership, we'll need to either receive an email from the email address on the account or receive the account's API key.

  3. Hi MacManx - they can't send you an e-mail from their account because there is no access to support unless they log in - what e-mail address should they send an e-mail to??? What is an API key?

  4. Good point, I have sent an email to the email address on the account. Please reply to the email if you receive it.

  5. Hi Timetheif, thank you for that link, I just read it over, but I don't know how to get her an API key without logging into her account and we can't do that. I have her e-mail address that she signed up with - [email redacted] but it is not registering with WordPress to retrieve her password. I think her last web designer changed the password and e-mail address but that person is no longer talking with Emily so now we are locked out of her act. Since I have a word press site too and I can log in, I am helping her try and retrieve her act.

  6. The email address the blog was set up with would help - if you have the original email sent when the blog was set up that might help also - but @macmanx is the one you need to work with - - they are real cautious to make sure that I am not claiming to be you.

  7. Yes, the email address you quoted above is not the one on the account, so that won't work for recovering the account, unless you can get back on speaking terms with the owner of that email address.

    The only other thing we can accept as proof of ownership is your account's API key.

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