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    This is pathetic, but I’ve just had a draft disappear after a day’s work. I never agreed to its deletion, but clearly did something wrong. I presume that’s it, but wondered if there’s anyway it might still be retrievable. Still shedding tears into the keyboard.



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    Please provide a link to your blog when asking questions in this forum. Or link your name to your blog.

    Assuming you have a .COM blog,
    On your editing page there should be a module called, “Post Revisions.” If you can’t find it, look at “Screen Options” on the top right of your screen.

    Your drafts should be saving automatically so you should find something there.

    We all know:
    Save, save, save
    and we’ve all been caught.


    Also, go to post > edit and look in the list to see if it appears there (if you haven’t checked already).


    Apologies for not reading the rules properly. I’ve changed my profile accordingly. Thanks too for your prompt advice. In fact I can’t summon up the ‘post revisions’ module, even via ‘screen options. I think I messed up when going to ‘preview’. As you quite properly say I’m hardly the first – save, save, save!

    Best Wishes


    Another suggestion that will all but insure that you never have this problem again is to get an offline blog editor such as Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk (both for Windows and free) or something like Ecto for the Mac (reasonable at $17.95).

    Basically what they do is allow you to work on your computer, and they save your blog posts to your computer and even allows you to add tags and categories. When you are ready to publish, you hit the button and it automatically uploads your post to your blog. No muss, no fuss, and no hiccups causing you to lose work. You can even put images in them right on your computer and the software will upload the images and when you go to your blog, there is the post, the images and everything right where it should be.

    I’m on a Mac and I use Ecto for almost all of my posting and in two years I have not lost even one sentence, much less an entire post.


    Thanks for this advice. I had been thinking in a pedestrian way that the safest thing to do would be to prepare my text in Open Office, then cut and paste, which means I would always have my original if things go pear-shaped. Now I will pursue the blog editor idea. Seeing I’m a reluctant Windows user and thinking of trying Ubuntu, is there a Linux friendly version?

    Thanks again- as a newcomer I’m really impressed by the support given.


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    I don’t know “Open Office,” but there are plenty of cautions about pasting from Word, or pasting formatted text/images copied from online sources. At least use a plain text editor, or paste as plain text. For Macs it would be textedit, but I don’t know the Windows equivalent.

    Or if you have formatted images and text in your editor, save the plain html code somewhere else. Then if your post goes bad, you have a code to paste all your formatting back into the wordpress html editor.

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