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lost, site redirects to goodstevendotcom.wordpress

  1. After much time trying to fix my domain email, I thought I'd won. And then I found that my site was gone (or only my root site stood And then my previous problem with domain email seemed insignificant.

    Hopefully this will help you find my mistake--

    I was NOT able to find Stores>>Domains through my usual route to update my site: I looked here forever.

    And then--

    I was able to find Store>>Domains, when I logged in as

    Then my attempts to Store>>Domains>>Add Email>> always resulted in
    "There was an error configuring your Google Apps email account to link it to"

    So I gave up on this route.

    Then I went Store>>Domains>>Edit DNS>> Here I was never able to make any edits to The DNS Stick.

    The Google activation code wouldn't effect changes. And I couldn't get the the new MX records to stick.

    This is what I wanted to change (Google Apps screen shot from yesterday.)

    No luck with any of it.

    Then I went Store>>Domains>>(bottom of page, "what would you like to do")>>"make changes to my DNS>>

    This led me to Automattic. Here I edited my nameserver with the above MX records (screenshot).

    Then my email took hold!

    And then everything went to shite because the old became the default (a shell of a website)

    and all of the work that went into . . . well I can't even find it. I can't even log into it as I once was able to. Those log in credentials do not work.

    Please help me sort this out... Ideal I could restore what I had. I've spent so much time linking my social media to specific blog posts (links that only arrive at error messages now.).

    The blog I need help with is

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