lost goodsteven.com, site redirects to goodstevendotcom.wordpress

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    After much time trying to fix my domain email, I thought I’d won. And then I found that my site was gone (or only my root site stood goodstevendotcom.wordpress.com). And then my previous problem with domain email seemed insignificant.

    Hopefully this will help you find my mistake–

    I was NOT able to find Stores>>Domains through my usual route to update my site: goodsteven.com/wp-admin. I looked here forever.

    And then–

    I was able to find Store>>Domains, when I logged in as goodstevendotcom.wordpress.com/wp-admin.

    Then my attempts to Store>>Domains>>Add Email>> always resulted in
    “There was an error configuring your Google Apps email account to link it to goodsteven.com.”

    So I gave up on this route.

    Then I went Store>>Domains>>Edit DNS>> Here I was never able to make any edits to The DNS Stick.

    The Google activation code wouldn’t effect changes. And I couldn’t get the the new MX records to stick.

    This is what I wanted to change (Google Apps screen shot from yesterday.)

    No luck with any of it.

    Then I went Store>>Domains>>(bottom of page, “what would you like to do”)>>”make changes to my DNS>>

    This led me to Automattic. Here I edited my nameserver with the above MX records (screenshot).

    Then my email took hold!

    And then everything went to shite because the old goodstevendotcom.wordpress.com became the default (a shell of a website)

    and all of the work that went into goodsteven.com . . . well I can’t even find it. I can’t even log into it as I once was able to. Those log in credentials do not work.

    Please help me sort this out… Ideal I could restore what I had. I’ve spent so much time linking my social media to specific blog posts (links that only arrive at error messages now.).

    The blog I need help with is goodsteven.com.

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