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lost home button?

  1. I thought the main page had a home button. I know I can get back there clicking on the logo, but how do I get the home button back?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog please.

  3. I suppose thats my problem as well.

  4. No, yours is a different problem and I've addressed it in the other thread you started.

  5. I'm sorry. When I posted I saw where it automatically picked up my blog link, so I just assumed. Ugh....never assume :o)

  6. Hey, how come you get a picture and I get a red square blob WINK! When you're new, are you a red square for a while?

  7. That is a gravatar.

    You can add one of your own at users > your profile, but that can be problematic. My suggestion is to go directly to while logged into wordpress, click on "my account" at upper left and select "add an image" and upload your pic. It will typically take anywhere from an hour to as much as six for it to show up everywhere. Also, make sure and clear your browser cache and cookies every once in a while until it starts showing up. Sometimes browsers will hold onto the old graphic until you do.

  8. Thank you. It was fast! In about 2 minutes I went from a red blob to a face SMILE

  9. Okay, sorry for the interruption. Back to the question of topic. My home button.
    Was there ever one? I thought there was?

  10. Not on white as milk. It has never had top navigation. This blog post lists which themes have tabs and which do not: .

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