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Lost My Blog

  1. dear all;
    i am luthfi from Indonesia. i lost may blog this morning. From the page, i got information that my lost blog is suspended for a violation of Term of Service (TOS).
    I don't know what TOS that i did so my blog is lost.
    i am sorry with my poor English.
    Thanks for your inforamtion

  2. You need to contact support about this. There's nothing us mere mortals in the forum can do to help you.


  3. I would guess that it was your very large Get Adsense button, plus the category of links in your sidebar called "Affiliate". At we are only allowed one discreet affiliate link, no whopping picture links, and certainly not more than one unless you're part of the VIP program, which costs $250 a month.

  4. I don't know why people can't get a warning before losing their blogs. Maybe he just didn't know. I don't think he would have put himself in the position of asking a question on here 16 hours prior to his blog getting suspended knowing he would be putting himself in the position of people looking at his blog on this forum. He had his blog for 10 months and it's now gone. It was devastating to me when Blogger labeled my blog a spam blog and 6 months of work was gone. Weeks later they wrote back saying sorry. But the damage was already done.

  5. It's suspended, not deleted. That's an important difference: in many cases I've seen this happen and once they've discussed it with the blogger is allowed to go in and delete the offending links and the blog comes back.

    Blogger deletes spam blogs???? WHA??? When did this happen? and how does one report that, cuz all the blog scrapers that steal my content are on Blogger.

  6. @ luthdi
    Collin told told you above: You need to contact support about this. There's nothing us mere mortals in the forum can do to help you.

    Blogger has an extra-ordinarly large number of sploggers, blog scrapers and spammers. I'm delighted to hear they are cleaning house, although this means that we will have to be even more vigilant here.

  7. my blog is back
    thank you for all

  8. You're welcome. :)

  9. Blogger deletes spam blogs???? WHA??? When did this happen? and how does one report that, cuz all the blog scrapers that steal my content are on Blogger.

    One day my posts starting disappearing from the dashboard. Then I lost everything. I was trying to post but it asked for that thing to type in the code you see before it goes through. I did but still nothing. But they didn't have humans labeling sites as spam blogs. It was a bot and many many blogs got labeled as spam blogs when they were never. Then I wrote this long winded plea to them asking if I could just post a new post giving the link to my new site here. Weeks later they wrote back apologizing and saying I would get back everything. It was all screwed up still. I tried to import all my posts to here but it never went through.

  10. Maybe try again to import? I hope it's not totally gone.

    So spam blogs are against Blogger's terms of service? I shall keep that in mind the next time I see one and shall report it. I'm sure they'd want to know.

  11. Agree with the try again. I'd do it on a new test blog first though. I have a couple that you are free to use if you want or else just start a new one yourself.

    I'm sure they'd want to know.

    Good luck...

  12. @rc >>>Blogger deletes spam blogs???? WHA??? When did this happen?

    @tt>>>Blogger has an extra-ordinarly large number of sploggers,
    @tt>>>blog scrapers and spammers. I'm delighted to hear they are cleaning house

    At one time, Blogger got very aggressive at deleting blogs that had a certain type of design, link structure, naming convention, and so forth.

    Their algo for that was way too aggressive and killed off millions of legitimate blogs.

    They would not listen to anyone who complained and the blogs were deleted forever, with no backup and no way to bring them back.

    Those legitimate blogs were then re-incarnated as spam blogs and porn blogs. Anyone can grab a deleted blog and use it however they want.

    They still would not listen.

    Then one day ...

    ... their anti-spam algo deleted this blog

    One of the people who's blog had been deleted grabbed it and posted about the problem on that blog ... all the people who visit it on a regular basis got to read about how brain damaged the process was.

    They (Google) grabbed the blog back and tried to cover up what really happened.

    Within a short while the process changed. They now will flag blogs as possible spam blogs first in one of two ways and then possibley delete them.

    If the blog has a certain level of "spam indicators" such as hyphens in the name, links someplace other than or lots of SEO related indications, it will be flagged as needing to use the CAPTCHA to make you log in and enter the ransom note characters.

    There is a way provided to request a review of the blog and then a human at Google will look at it and determine whether it is spam or not. If not, they remove the CAPTCHA requirement.

    But they do not allow it back into the Google index. (... ever as far as we can tell)

    At a higher level of spam indicators, they mark it as spam, disable posting and send the author a note indicating that it has been marked as spam and will be deleted in 14 days if they do not hear from them. It they do hear, a human review also takes place.

    This method is much improved over the old one but still has some major flaws.

    PS: Yahoo does the same thing with Yahoo Groups. They delete them and then let porn stars and spammers and hackers take them over. They do not respond to complaints about the spam and porn and they protect the hackers from being captured. The three largest quotations lists on yahoo were turned over to a hacker from Poland by Yahoo management and they have not been held accountable for the results.

  13. Quotes, I'd love to see a link to all that.

    And don't get me started on Yahoo hosting.

  14. Wow, thanks for that. Amazing.

  15. On Blogger my blog's site feed was from Dean had to put ads on my blog because that's how he paid for my bandwidth. But my blog was the same as it is now. Then I thought maybe those ads were thought to be spam. But I came here and because we can't modify our templates, I could no longer be at

  16. "This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service."
    So the same happened to me - no warning, no e-mail, no reason. When I wrote them, this was the only thing that came back:
    The music that can be downloaded from your blog appears to be copyrighted
    material. As such it is not permitted.
    If it is not the case and the music is indeed freely distributable then we could
    return the blog.

    There wasn't any music on the blog - links to sides where one can download, yes, but no copyright material.

    As I already see, you can't really help much here - but to block an ACCOUNT without any warning really sucks! And just the more if the reason presented in an e-mail is WRONG.

    Sorry, I'm upset. I really found WordPress to be an excellent service, but if it stays like it is right now, I rather switch to some other service than stay with WordPress. And people really have to know about this practice - I've never seen Blogger doing this, they at least warn you, but no sh*t like that.


  17. As you can see from Nosy and Quotes' reports, Blogger deletes entire blogs without warning. Best of luck getting your blog back: if it doesn't violate the TOS, you should have no troubles.

  18. Try to see if your site is still cached on Google. Send the link and explain in detail what your blog was about.

  19. Um, folks. Linking to illegal downloads is against the ToS as well. Thats what most of those "warez" blogs are that we discuss here from time to time. Think of it as being the getaway driver for a bank robbery. They still get charged even though they didn't hold the gun.

  20. well, i e-mailed mark from wordpress-support, and explained everything what i do. and you know what? a few hours later he had checked the blog, told me that i am a 'good one' - and back it was - my old account AND the blog! ;) great crew, isn't it?
    (so - no need to use this 'neham' any more... back to the old one!)

    thanks mark - i already told you via e-mail - and i do it here again!!!

  21. YAY! for our beloved geeks and for those who work in harmony with them. I'm a sappy chick. I love happy endings. :)

  22. I have some issues with a content thief .. can anyone help?

  23. Have you contacted the blogger asking for a link back?

  24. Yup. No confirmation that he will take it down or link back yet.

    I detest Content Thieves.

  25. Just for reference, cross posting like that is usually frowned upon around here. It's not a big issue but we usually get to all of the threads.

  26. You may have broken Terms Of Service

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