“lost” my blogroll and my “about this page” from sidebar

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    I added ‘recent posts’ and ‘categories’ to 2 of my blogs. When i ‘view site’ i see that the blogroll and ‘about’ option no longer appear in the sidebar. I can’t find anywhere that might allow me to put them back there. ANy ideas?

    Also, I want to have multiple cateogies in my blogroll (i.e. for links to my other places on the web, then a seperate category for ‘friends’) i *think* i added a category, but when i go to the blogroll editor page, i can’t see anything that would suggest that there is more than one blogroll category to add links to (and again, i cant see it on the front page…)

    Obviously, i am not very technically minded so a very dumbed-down explanation would be ideal…



    This will help with the set up and configuring of all of your widgets. It includes information on blogrolls, links, categories and their relationships. The “About” option in the sidebar is only a feature on a few themes so if you change themes you will not have it. You can make an “About” page or a text widget to address this.

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