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Lost my shopping cart

  1. Yesterday I saw my shopping cart when I looked at my new wp blog.
    It was on my previous site which I pointed to wp. Now I can't find it anywhere on my old site or on wp.
    Any ideas???

  2. How about a link to your blog?

  3. Yeah...good idea..but I can't find my shopping cart to link it to my blog..

  4. Well, without looking at your blog, it's hard to answer your questions. Like, are you sure you're in the right forum? Cuz doesn't generally allow shopping carts.

  5. No, what was requested was the URL of your blog: is the obvious URL, but turns out not to exist.
    But even without being able to visit your blog, I think I know what happened: you added some shopping cart code; it contained some code doesn't allow (e.g., javascript); stripped out that code.
    If you search for "shopping cart" in these forums, you'll find some previous discussion that might well be relevant.

  6. Thanks guys....I understand now...I'll keep working on finding my shopping cart..

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