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Lost Password/Lost Account!

  1. I was made editor of, and our team has somehow lost the password and username for the man (kenschwaber.wordpress) account.

    We have tried resetting the password, but unfortunatly cannot find the email address in which the new password/account settings link is being forwarded to.

    This is a huge problem, because now we can't reset the main password, and all we have now is editor access on my account (cowsky). I have spent two hours trying to contact WordPress support and searching for a direct support contact channel, and have found nothing.

    WordPress and WordPress community, your help would be much appreciated. I believe the only solution is manually resetting the our password, because we don't know which email the password reset options are being sent to (we checked every email address of ours we know exists). Help.

    Thank you in advance.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. You really have to wait and contact support. There is nothing that this volunteer community can do. Be aware that even support will not hand over the password/control of that wordpress blog just on your word that you are the rightful owner!

  3. Thank you for the response, tandava. Do you have any recommendations in contacting WordPress? I have failed to find any direct contact on their support website. I imagine this is going to be a huge endeavor.



  4. Here’s the email address [email redacted] Be sure you include all details.

    Double check your spam filters - many email systems have a disturbing habit of putting emails from WordPress.COM in the spam folder.

    Remember that the email is the unique identifier for you and your site and that will be the first question the Staff will want and all resets are sent to the email of record.

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