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Lost post

  1. After writing a large story the post comletly disapeared after clicking the 'save and continue editing' button. Instead of the preview I got the login page. After loging in again, the post reverted to the original I wrote a few days ago. So NO autosave...

  2. see below

  3. Please check your email - I need info from you.
    Please do this quickly.

  4. this happened to me too is it lost?

  5. Until I know the title of the post - or have some idea of the content - I don't know.

    Please email support with details.

  6. send your information to podz immediately [email redacted]

  7. ok sent. btw the title of the post was "weight lost story (-30lbs)". something in those lines. I would appriciate it if you guys can restore it.

  8. Please - to anyone else - email support.

    If you want me to see a problem last, leave it here.

  9. Does this mean that if we lose posts in future we can email and have them restored??

  10. No - it means if you email me immediately with enough details I will look. I can't promise anything.

    But I NEED details. Something like "My post has gone" is useless to me.

  11. That's really good service from podz for a free blog! Can it, will it continue? [Exclamation word!], I would've thought that it was possible to compose off-line and save; and that that would be the way to go [ in future at least].

  12. I compose in the text box here on WordPress, but before I hit Publish I copy everything to my clipboard. For one thing, there is or was a bug that sometimes meant that you couldn't publish unless everything in the box was selected, and this gets around that. For another, it means you never lose your post; this keeps even the formatting, although not the links. It's a good practice to get into.

  13. forestneeds - yes :) It's what I'm here for.

  14. @ podz
    I'm glad you clarified that you need details - as many as possible and delivered as soon as possible. That's an important thing to know. Hopefully I'll never need this service because I use an off-line editor.

    raincoaster has mentioned one way to back-up your blog posts and I have another. BlogDesk is one of the free off-line editors that are available from the web. It's easy to use and using it means you always have a back-up copy of your blog posts.

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