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  1. Hi
    I have no idea when it vanished, but one of my posts is missing. I was searching for a quote from a comment, and discovered that the post has gone awol.

    here's the link from the initial post:

    thanks, i hope you can help, and help me find out why this happened and how to keep it from happening again!

    Lisa/Z in ecuador

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have the Recent Posts widget, but you also need the Archives widget so people can find, say, what you posted in March. That particular post is still going to give me a 404, but at least I could see the one before that and the one after.

    Is the post still visible on your Dashboard under Posts? If so, is it set to Private or Draft?

  3. hey
    thanks for the prompt reply! (I love wordpress!)

    i could not find it in the queu of posts, and it does not show up in search. i am pulling up the forum post now.


  4. I did a search on my inbox and am reopening new posts alerts.. this one is missing as well!
    fhis is strange!

  5. Is it not on your Dashboard under Posts? If not, where are you getting those URLs from?

  6. i have them in the inbox when the post is sent to subscribers.. it come to my inbox, so i have a record of the sent posts. if there's an email address for you, i'll forward those posts to you.

    no, there are not listed anywhere in the dashboard - as if they never existed.


  7. That's interesting. We've seen a couple of rare cases where people had add-ons that went back and stripped out posts. Have you recently installed any browser add-ons that, say, "correct bad code" etc? If so I suggest you disable them.

    Can you look under Users and confirm you're the only person with admin access? Also, change your password AND your email password.

  8. Also, go to Posts > All Posts and click Trash to see if the posts are there.

  9. si, it is really strange. i haven't added anything.. only wirting posts.. tonight i opened a new blog for a museum opening, and i thought, 'wow.. i've almost forgotten how to do this!' it's been a long time since i've done anything under the dashboard settings except to write posts.

    i will change passwords now.. gracias, and let me know if i can forward a notice that shows part of the original post. wow, the quinoa-spinach-tabouli one was pretty - and popular!

    i'm about to go to sleep! thanks so much.

  10. Several posts were deleted by your account 14 hours ago. If you did not do this, I recommend changing your and email passwords ASAP.

    Since this did not occur all that long ago, there may be a possibility that we could restore a backup (if available) prior to the lost posts. I can't make any promises, and you will lose everything (good and bad) that has happened since then.

    Would you like me to see if this is a possibility for you?

  11. hey
    there was nothing in trash.. there was no 'trash' icon, so i trashed a draft, and it immediately showed up on the post options... it did surprise me that the 'delete' function does not ask if you're sure you want to do that. i doubt if i would have accidentally deleted several posts, seems that all three were in a row...

    i checked 'users' and nothing new is there.

    i just received your other note.. moving sideways to change password and back again.. yes, if you can restore,please do!

  12. i've not written a post since may 1st, so all should be fine aside from the new blog i just started for the art exhibition.. it won't be hard to re do that one. i needed the address for printing announcements tomorrow.

  13. When a post is deleted, it's moved to the Trash. Then, it can either be permanently deleted from the Trash, or a user can hit the Empty Trash button.

    In this case, the posts were trashed and then deleted permanently.

    I have put in a request to restore any available backups. At this point, please don't do anything else on the blog until we have verified that a backup (if available) has been restored.

  14. Thank you mac! i have changed the passwords at both plac; are you in Greece,as there have been 21 views from Greece this morning! z

  15. No, I'm in California USA, but I'm sure someone in Greece likes your blog. :)

    We'll let you know the status on the possible restore as soon as we know.

    Most everyone that can do this is asleep right now, so I don't think this will be happening relatively soon. Since you mentioned heading off to sleep yourself soon, I recommend going for that, and you might have a pleasant surprise here in the morning.

  16. 14 hours ago i was in a small hostal in a small town. they had about 8 guests.. wow! so through their wi-fi, this happened? again, thanks for your help! there's a future post about this coming up! Z

  17. If you were using a hospital computer and forgot to log out, that is highly possible.

    Also, if you weren't using HTTPS, there is a slim possibility that someone may have essentially hijacked your connection.

    Go to Users -> Personal Settings in your blog's Dashboard and make sure that "Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages" is checked.

  18. muchas gracias1 i'll hit the day running and will be back in ttansit on my way home.. it will probably be tomorrow night before i check to see what miracles santa did or did not do!
    thanks so much for your help!

  19. That's really malicious: trashing things and then permanently deleting them. Also, if you did ANY financial transactions while you were using that connection, I would double-check it. If you did online banking, change your bank password, etc. A little paranoia never hurt anyone.

  20. Yes, definitely check everything you were doing while you were one that connection, and probably change your passwords there too.

    Besides that bit of fun, sleep well!

  21. It was a small 'hostal' little hotel, and i know the owner.. i will tell her when i return to get her computer tech to check everything.

    the password prompts cleared with no problem, so all should be fine.

    i don't ever use the computer for financial transactions, but thank you for the warning.

    ok.. i'll have a fast nap,

  22. Your blog has been restored as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  23. Yay!

  24. After little sleep two nights ago, I awakened from a deep restorative sleep this morning! The songbirds were extra happy because of last night's rain, and the river birds were their normal raucous selves. Little did I know that they were trying to tell me that Santa Clause visited my blog last night! It's like Christmas morning and a fairy tale wrapped up in one big smile! Thank you for slaying the dragons, or for repairing the damage the dragons did to the blog.. Now if we can find those dragons and execute them!!

    Do you have any advice on how to prevent this from happening again? I intend to write a post about what happened, and a few tidbits of wisdom macmanx y raincoaster would be apprepciated by all, i'm sure.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you - please pass my thanks to the brilliant folks who restored the lost posts!


  25. You're welcome!

    To keep this form happening again, just use a very strong password or passphrase, complete with letters, number, and maybe even spaces.

    Because we do allow spaces, "th1s is a str0ng passw0rd" is actually a very strong password.

    Make sure that you use a strong password for both your account and email address, as anyone with access to your email can reset your password (along with any other sites attached to your email).

    Also, go to Users -> Personal Settings in your blog's Dashboard and make sure that "Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages" is checked.

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