Lost post – Autosave not working?

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    I was typing out a very lengthy and time-consuming post. I finished it and I posted it, but only the first sentence posted then it was cut off in the middle of a smilie!
    So I ask…
    Doesn’t WordPress have AutoSave? WHY did it fail to work correctly? What can I do to prevent this happening in the future?

    Any help appreciated, please and thanks.



    A link to the post in question might help.

    I make it a standard practice to copy everything just before I hit Publish, to prevent occasions like this. The Autosave seems to have worked (judging from your description) but it only posted everything up to the save. I’ve noticed that a few weeks ago we had a temporary glitch where things posted only posted up to the first autosave; everything after that was lost.

    Send in a feedback with a link to your truncated post, ASAP before they go off for the weekend.



    I think I have a similar problem; I just discovered a post I made a week ago was cut off at an emoticon. I’m not sure if it was like that the whole time or if it changed… I would have thought that I’d have noticed if it was cut off when I first posted it. for reference, it’s this post. it ended in >. before I edited it; the smiley was supposed to be “>.<” and that might have something to do with it being cut off, maybe.



    yep. that’s probably it

    the > is the closing of a tag and the < is the opening.
    The system was waiting for code that wasn’t there, and that wasn’t “closed”. It couldn’t interpret it.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that when I’m writing a post, if I don’t write down a title, it won’t be autosaved. So I always try to remember to write something on the title form when I’m writing something bigger.



    Yes, you’re right, thanks for pointing it out. The pointy brackets are notorious for doing that. I understand it’s common to use them, but they do mess up the post like that, exactly how you’ve seen. You should be able to edit it out in the Code editor and the rest of the content should still be there.

    There is a list of allowable smilies in the FAQ:



    code editor? what’s that?

    I guess it’s too late for me, though, ’cause I already edited the post.



    When you write a post, you’ve got the little Write Post box, and if you’ve selected to use the Visual editor it has two tabs up top: one says Visual and one says Code. Those allow you to toggle between the rich text editor and the HTML code editor. If you go to the Code editor, you should see all of the post, and you can delete the smiley that’s causing the problem.

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