lost post, how to get it back

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    I just finished a post and lost it. Is there a way to get it back? I posted it and then went back in to edit a couple of things and saved it to reposwith corrections and now all the copy is gone! i tried tohit the back button and also I had a version of it open to look at it before I posted, still nothing…




    this is the post. I may end up rewriting, but will use word this time I think!



    In the name of all that is holy do NOT use Word. Word is responsible for more problems than any other program we see here. Use an offline blog editor or something that doesn’t add random HTML, something like Notepad or Wordpad.

    If the post was up, maybe Google grabbed it: look for the cached version, not the ordinary version. You might be able to grab the text from there.

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS copy all the text in the text box before hitting Publish or Save. That way if this happens you can just re-paste it.

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