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'Lost' post on logging in :(

  1. I'd started a post earlier this evening, but didn't return to finish it for some hours. When I did finalise it, and publish it I was presented with the Login page. Figured I'd just get logged in and the post would then be published, but no - it's just disappeared into thin air. Going back 2 pages equally didn't find it - just presented with an empty post page. Any suggestions on whether I can perhaps locate it in a cache or temp file or something?? Thanks.

    Should say that it did indicate it was being saved all the way through writing it. Using the Andreas 04 theme in Maxthon (IE clone). HTH.

  2. Send in a feedback please.

  3. Did that already - appreciate your reply, but I suspect this particular post is long lost, and pointless me worrying about it now. It's just that I've no time left to rewrite it and am about to have surgery tomorrow, which will leave me offline for a while. Thanks anyway.

  4. I'm sorry you lost the post. :( Best wishes for a successful surgery and a full and speedy recovery, tikkiro. :)

  5. I don't know if it can be found but my experience has been to always save what you writ until you see it on the front page. The other week, nothing to do with WordPress, but I wrote so much on my Notepad but wasn't saving it. The power in the house went out for a second and I lost everything. I hope your surgery goes well.

  6. Nosysnoop, I live in the mountains of Southern California, and mountain areas are prone to lose electrical power. For our computer we have a battery backup that sets near the tower---APC is the brand, I believe. If my lights even flicker, I can hear the APC beep indicating it has "kicked-in". I have never lost anything because of a lack of electricity.

    Tikkiro, trust your surgery goes well today.

    Shirley Buxton

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