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Lost posts

  1. Why is it that some posts are either lost or delayed, and others are not? I have had this problem since I have started a second posting. I have read many forums to try to resolve this. But, they are of no help to me. It is frustrating. I am in China. Many of my family and friends use this service to keep updated with my adventures here. So, it is not just a social media system for me. It is a necessity to keep people informed of what I am doing.

    I have posted several post recently. They show up in my lists of posts. But, when I try to retrieve them, I can not. It says that the page is not found. This is very frustrating. Do I need to develop a new blog with a new email address that is totally unrelated to my original blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) do not EVER use the New Post button on the grey admin bar. It is strongly associated with this problem.

    2) subscribe to your blog yourself via email so that you get sent a copy of each post as it goes up. Then if the post vanishes later, you have the email and can just copy paste it back in.

    3) there is a bug going around so I flagged this for staff to help.

  3. Amazing...this morning, my "lost" posts are back in my blog...BUT ALL of my other postings have disappeared. WordPress needs to do some serious technical work to get this sorted out. I can not imagine what I could be doing wrong to cause such strange behavior fro the website.

  4. You're not. It sounds like different datacenters have different versions of your blog; one server has the 'missing' posts and a different server in a different place has all the others. Staff have to fix this.

  5. It seems that there are two or three versions of my post. All of them are missing different parts of my postings. This is very frustrating. I hope they can sort out the problems. I also have two listings with the same title. They can delete one of the two listings under nashboroguy2. This blog is very important to me. It is my lifeline to my family and friends. If they can not fix it, I guess I can try another blog site like blogger. But, I like WordPress. I never had issues with my first blog listing ( But, since I have started the second blog, I have had nothing but problems with posting on it.

  6. Hi there,

    I'm very sorry for the trouble. You should be all set now, and won't have this problem again.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  7. Spent afternoon and evening working out a labourious post. Saved multiple copies. Finally finished the draft, spent a couple of hours buffing and polishing, listed the tags, categories, saved again, then finally hit publish... and, one whole day's work gone. The latest version in the drafts folder was saved yesterday! How could this happen?

    Am I burned?

  8. I am very thankful that the staff at WordPress was able to resolve my issue of lost posts. It is a blessing to me to be able to use the services of WordPress so I can keep family and friends informed of my experiences here in China.

    But, I see others are experiencing the same problem I am. Perhaps, WordPress technicians need to begin revamping their systems to get rid of this problem permanently. For every person that has a problem and posts here, there are many others that are just giving up on your website and moving to another blog site. I am just saying....

  9. @rsbakker - This is a different issue than what was happening with @nashboroguy, so I need a bit more detail.

    Can you please check the revisions of your draft: Post Revisions

    Where were you composing your post -- form your Dashboard here:

    Or from the homepage here:

    Or from the mobile app?

    When you say you saved multiple copies, what was your process for saving them? Did you click 'Save Draft' or was it something else?

    Can you describe a bit of the content of the missing post?

    @nashboroguy, your problem was caused by a specific issue we're having lately where duplicate blogs are being created. We're working hard to fix this. However, many similar reports in the forums are actually other unrelated things, not related to this particular problem.

  10. Hi eurello. I was composing it on the new post page, clicking Save Draft as I went. The last revision saved was from the previous evening, which is to say, only my rough notes. When I clicked 'publish' I was routed to the 'Are you sure you want to do this?' page, and I hesitated, debated whether I should click back, but proceeded because I had hit 'save' just moments before hitting 'publish.'

    The post never published. And when I returned, the draft list was drastically shorter, and the most recent draft was from the 11th.

    The content was an extended commentary on and review of Stanislaus Dehaene's Consciousness and the Brain.

  11. Hi there,

    Ok, it sounds like what happened was this: 1. You created a post on the new post page, clicking save draft. 2. At some point, a new 'autosave' was created: Autosave (or you temporarily lost connectivity and a backup was stored locally by your browser). 3. When you clicked publish, the current version was different than the autosave, hence the 'are you sure you want to do this' message - it was asking you if you were sure you wanted to replace the autosave/browser back-up.

    I see your draft of this post is here:

    If your missing content is not in the revisions, then I'm afraid there's no way to get it back. I'm sorry this happened. I know it's really upsetting to lose a post you worked hard on. :(

  12. Thanks for timely reply. I was an idiot for doing anything that big online, is the real deal.

  13. I want to thank the staff at WordPress for taking such prompt action in resolving my technical issues with my post. It seems that everything is fixed and it is running fine now. As I mentioned, this blog is very important to me in keeping family and friends informed of my experiences here in China. Yes, I could use other social media sites. But, through a blog on WordPress, I can deliver my message much more effectively. So....THANK YOU!

  14. @nashboroguy - Awesome, that's great to hear!

    @rsbakker - Not an idiot at all. It's totally reasonable to expect your content would be saved, and it should have been. Between the autosave function and the post revisions, lost content doesn't usually happen, but still sometimes...well, things happen. We get sporadic reports of what you describe, but we've yet to be able to reproduce any consistent behavior on our end that causes this to happen. It's happened to me when my internet's dropped out and I haven't noticed. At any rate, it's never a bad idea to just copy/paste work into a text file if you're working on a long post online, just in case.

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