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lost preset colors of Monochrome

  1. I activated "monochrome" to my blog and attempted to edit CSS (change font used). When I hit Save and viewed the new blog, the font changed but I lost all the pre-set colors of the monochrome theme (black columns, etc). It's currently all gray!

    I activated a new theme and then re-activated monochrome, hoping it would reload the theme and I'd get my colors back. Unfortunately this did not work. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @apgintel It looks like it's an issue with your Custom CSS. To override just one thing like font size, you don't have to copy and paste the entire original CSS file -- instead take only the CSS rule that needs changing and paste it into the Custom CSS area.

    Read more: and also take a look at the CSS Customization forums for more pointers:

  3. How do I get the pre-set colors back from Monochrome? I thought changing themes and then going back to Monochrome would fix it, but it did not.

  4. If you delete your Custom CSS (or temporarily remove it) you'll see that if fixes the issue. See my reply above. :)

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