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Lost Published Post

  1. Please help me. Last night I was at home editing my blog. I saved it, sent my computer to the hibernate mode. Went to sleep. The following morning, I left for work. I had some time at work in the morning, finished my blog, PUBLISHED IT. It was beautiful all afternoon. Everyone loved it. Tonight, i come home, open my computer, view the browser and page where my post was in edit mode since last night, i press VIEW SITE. And poof. It's not there. The only thing I have is the draft of the post I had started last night. The published version has disappeared. I dont know how this happened, especially that the published post had a different name than the one saved last night. Please help. I just want to die now.

  2. Google will have a cached version of your post, so go to Google and search for a word that was in that post, an unusual one, and when they give you the list, click on "Cached version" and then SAVE all of the contents of that to Notepad or your clipboard.

    Then, clear your cookies and browser cache, and do a forced reload of the main blog page. It could well be that you're looking at the pre-posting version of your site. But having the Google copy will help. Then, if it's really, truly gone, you can just paste it back in.

  3. Something similar has happened to me at I wrote a post on Thursday entitled "I am in a hurry". I, too, published it and checked it on the site. Thursday night I went to the site and discovered the only part of the post the remained was the title. Will the same strategy you outlined above work for me? I am also not clear on the forced reload of the main blog page. Is that done through my browser, IE, or through Google or

  4. Just went through the Google search and the post was not there. I even searched for just the title, "I am in a hurry" and it was not there. Any thoughts?

  5. So no one knows or cares to answer, eh? I even sent a contact email to support, no answer there either. I can't even tell if the person who start this is still working on it but the post is tagged as unresolved.

  6. If it isn't in a google cache, and not in manage > posts under draft or private, then it is probably gone. You can see if staff can retrieve it, but I have my doubts.

    May I suggest using an offline blog editor? With an offline editor, you will always have a copy of your posts on your hard drive as well as on WordPress's servers so it this were to happen again, you just upload it again from the offline editor. This is a good collection of what is out there.

  7. We're waiting for you to do the browser cache clear. Yes, you do that through your browser. Staff will not reply to support requests on the weekend, because Support is closed on the weekend.

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