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Lost Subscribers after Deactivating and Then activating the plugin

  1. My site has lost all my 30+ subscribers and stats gathered over months after Deactivating and Then activating the jetpack plugin.There is a new blog ID created for my site so i cant get my old stats and subscribers.

    I have tried everything on my end and request the Jetpack authors to update my blog id so that i can get back my subscribers and stats.

    Please do it ASAP as I have lost a lot of my traffic.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can check with our Jetpack team to see if they can help recover your lost subscribers and stats. Since you said your blog ID changed I assume you know both the old and new IDs. Could you post those here so I can pass them to the team?

  3. Old WordPress Site Jetpack URL is!/my-stats/?unit=1&blog=32930652
    So I the Blog id is 32930652

    New WordPress Site Jetpack URL is!/my-stats/?unit=1&blog=44969303
    So I the Blog id is 44969303

    Both of these are for my site but the older one had all my subscribers and all the old stats. So if you could help me use jetpack on my site with old Id then I will get back all my subscribers.

  4. It looks like these two blog IDs belong to different domains that you own. The old one goes to and the new one goes to You said you deactivated and reactivated Jetpack. Did you also change your primary domain? If you changed your domain I have a tool I can use to move your stats to your new domain.

  5. Yes I changed my domain name form to and then after about a month deactivated and reactivated Jetpack that caused the problem.

    I don't need the stats much the main thing that I need are the subscribers so if the tool works for subscribers as well then I need the tool.

  6. Hi there, checking in with you to make sure if you are able to see your subscribers at the new blog. Cat migrated the subscribers for you just before the weekend, and I'm currently seeing 2 followers and 44 email followers for blog ID 44969303:!/my-stats/?blog=44969303&blog_subscribers&unit=1

    Are you seeing them, too? Just wanted to make sure you are all set.

  7. Thanks catrymer and jenia now everything is working fine.Thank you very much...:)

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