Lost subscriptions in WordPress Reader

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    Does anyone know if WordPress support is dealing with this issue?

    The blog I need help with is snoringdogstudio.wordpress.com.



    I reported it to Support (the only subscription still working was for the Daily Post; I removed it today and now have none). I got an automated email 24 hours later that simply included my original request entry, no details on status or even confirming language to indicate it’s being reviewed.



    Does anyone know if this is across the board or if it is affecting just a few of us?


    Seems to be an awful lot of us…



    Is it lost subscriptions or just subscriptions that aren’t appearing on the reader? Because I still have all my subscriptions: they just don’t show up on my reader.



    If you mean your ‘Blogs I Follow’ feed, mine is down too. I’ve not received updates for two days.



    Mine are only in the edit listing. Nothing under blogs I follow or reader…just this:

    “Nothing to read! Why not find your friends, subscribe to some blogs, or have a look at Freshly Pressed?”



    This has been an ongoing issue for me. I contacted Word Press about it but I have not heard back yet. First I could only see the blogs I was following when I clicked on Edit List but not when I clicked on Blogs I Follow. Then all the blogs I was following disappeared completely and it showed that I was not following anyone. I then refollowed all the blogs I had been following and as a back up in case it happened again I also followed via RSS feed. The blogs I follow still don’t show up when I click Blogs I Follow but they do show up via the Edit List.



    Can I just clarify, do you mean that the blogs that you follow are gone or that the number of people following your blog has changed.
    last time I check my blog I had around 300 following me, now I only have three in Google reader. Is this what happened to everyone?

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