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    I created a second blog with the url kevinmjadmas and tried to transfer it to my original blog url kmadams so that my url and username would match. However, I think that before completing the transfer I also changed my username thus not allowing me to access the new blog account. Both kmadams and kevinmjadams are my blogs. Email for both is most likely (email redacted). I would like the second blog unfrozen so my original blog (the one with multiple posts) will have both username and url of kevinmjadams

    The blog I need help with is kmadams.wordpress.com.



    I am fully confused – but I have flagged this for the staff to help you.

    To help the staff if you could post the full URL of each blog you are asking about it will help the staff



    My original blog is http://kmadams.wordpress.com/
    I attempted to change both the url and username to kevinmjadams

    My second blog is http://kevinmjadams.wordpress.com/ This blog was created and then I tried to merge it with the other. I really just want the one blog with the same url and username of kevinmjadams

    I tried to transfer the second blog but it is lost in outer space it seems. Not sure if I transferred it and then before approving the transfer I went ahead and changed the username on the original blog (which was probably originally kminister1 and that is where I transferred the second blog to).

    In any case I think only someone on the inside can help me figure out how to resolve this.

    Thank you,



    Hi Kevin,

    I see what happened here. You can only associate an email address with one user account – so when you created a second one, you effectively negated your first user account email address.

    So I have transferred the blog and both should appear under your My Blogs section of your dashboard, or when you login (kevinmjadams account).




    OK, Thank you…now what I’ve done is transfer the blogs to the kevinmjadams and I want my twitter, etc to stop pulling from kmadams but it’s still pulling from kmadams

    Sorry, for all this but I’ve tried doing what I thought I needed to in order to fix the problem to no avail

    I don’t need the kmadams account, I just want the kevinmjadams account. I’d like the kmadams account empty and not used (although the account cold still exist as long as it’s not interfering with the other)



    Hi there,

    Did you follow the steps here for reconnecting your facebook account?

    These are the steps for Twitter:

    (they appear directly below the steps for Facebook, anyway!)

    For Facebook reconnect, you’ll need to disconnect your Facebook account on the blog, then refresh the page. Then go to Facebook Account Settings > Apps and remove the WordPress app (but do not delete content). Then go back to your WordPress.com account and reconnect your Facebook Publicize feature.

    For Twitter, you will want to turn the Twitter publicize off, clear your cache, and then turn it back on.

    If you want Publicize turned off on a blog, go to that blog’s dashboard > Settings > Sharing, and disable the accounts there.

    Does that help?

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