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    Lost website!!!! What happened to my website???

    its http://www.diasporaleadership.co.uk?

    its gone?

    So is diasporaleadership.wordpress.com

    help me? please its urgent!!!!


    The blog I need help with is diasporaleadership.co.uk.


    Oh that is quite odd, I’ll tag this thread for staff assistance. When I go to your site I get this, “
    diasporaleaderhip.wordpress.com doesn’t exist

    Did you mean to visit any of these blogs, instead of diasporaleaderhip.wordpress.com?
    •diasporaleadership.wordpress.com — Diaspora Emerging Leadership.” I’m not sure why it’s doing that. I’ll tag this for staff attention.



    The name servers for diasporaleadership.co.uk. – do not seem to be pointing to WordPress.com – see below for more help

    Have you changed the name servers in the last hour or so? Please check with your Registrar to make sure the name servers have been properly updated.

    Note also that diasporaleadership.wordpress.com does not seem to exist and has not been registered – What is the REAL blog here at WordPress.COM that you need help with?

    Once the name servers have been changed & the domain mapped it can take 24 to 72 hours for the changes to reach the far corners of the internet.

    You might need the staff to help with a zone record, this is already flagged for the staff to help



    It does sound like this is a multi-layered issue that the staff are going to have to take a look at. First off, diasporaleadership.wordpress.com actually appears to exist, but when I type it into my browser, I get the following message.
    “diasporaleaderhip.wordpress.com does not exist. Perhaps you were meaning to visit one of these related blogs, diasporaleadership.wordpress.com .” It also gives the option to register that blog. That and the domain issue makes this one pretty complicated.


    Hi Bob,

    It looks like you may have forgotten a letter in your last message. Currently, it looks like the URL you’re looking for is diasporaleadership.wordpress.com. That site is displaying correctly at the domain you mention as well (diasporaleadership.co.uk).

    Can you let me know if everything is working correctly on your side now?



    Hi everyone,

    this is my first time using this forum, so the first thing to say is thank you for all your help. It’s been really useful. I passed all these comments to a friend who is more of a Techie than I am and he seems to have resolved it. So http://www.diasporialeadership.co.uk now goes to the right website.

    Something to do with the name server not directing at wordpress and it has now been corrected, some kind of mapping issue.

    Thanks again for all your help,



    Hey Johnny,

    Great to hear! I’m glad this was resolved. Let me know if you need anything else!

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