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    In the last days my blog collected a lot of spam-feedback. Today I’ve counted 860 (!!!) spam messages really, and delete them all takes a lot of time!
    What’s the matter? Can You help me?
    Can you improved the program with a service that let me be able to delete them all in the same time (so in the same way as for comments) ?

    The blog I need help with is rinnovamentolivorno.wordpress.com.



    I have recently been getting up to 50 comments in the spam folder. A few are not spam, so I do not want to “empty spam folder” because it would delete legitimate comments. How can I manage this?



    Please contact Akismet Staff directly http://akismet.com/contact/



    The vast and overwhelming majority of all so-called information on the internet is spam. Over 80% of all so-called comments submitted to .wordpress.com blogs every day are spam. Spam comes in waves. There are human beings who get paid to post spam. There are robotic programs that post spam.

    On the spam that Akismet catches on it takes only seconds to click “empty spam” and you don’t even have to click “empty spam” if you don’t want to. Akismet will maintain comments it has caught for 15 days from the time they were received, and then it will delete the comment automatically.

    Aksimet is a learning engine. If you get spam that slips by Akismet then mark it as spam (do not delete it) and over time Akismet will learn it’s spam.

    There is no such thing as eliminating all spam but Akismet works very well. For more information please take the time to read “5 things every blogger should know about spam” on this page Akismet: How it works http://akismet.com/how/



    You can use the Bulk Edit function (check boxes on each comment) to delete less than all the spam comments or to Un-spam more than one comment at a time

    Check the box at the comment then choose the proper bulk edit command



    Right so I’ll have to update copy and paste it seems.


    Well, but I only wanna say this: in the comments check-box there’s a button (delete spam) which makes you able to delete all the spam in a time, without being obliged to select which spam you want to delete.
    Why dont’you provide the same button in the feedback check-box too?


    Something seems on the up. I’ve gone from <10,00 spam/month to 30,000 last month and approaching 60,000 this month.

    Now, Askimet has stopped catching it.




    Hi everyone!
    I received a lot of spam (joomla 2.5.16) k2 comments per minute.
    You can not spam marked, without registrationsends a Comment!
    I have: reCaptcha, StopForumSpam, and Akismet protection, but not worthless!
    I need advice, what should I do? Thank you!



    Please contact Akismet Staff directly http://akismet.com/contact/



    There’s not blog linked to your username and your did not provide a URL. Eaxctly which site are your referring to?



    This is the support forum that’s ONLY for free hosted WordPress.com blogs. We cannot help you here.


    After my last wave of feedback spam, I just removed all the feedback forms and replaced them with the standard comments to make for easier deletion of spam. It is not ideal as the feedback form by default is private, but if you choose moderation, those comments (and all others) need approval before posting. Will this work for you?

    I posted in the Idea forum asking if they could treat feedback spam like regular comment spam. It would be a lot easier for those who wish to use these forms.


    in fact, that’s what i’ve done, too. But it’s not a solution.
    Thanks however!


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