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Lots of sign-ups from a network error

  1. I'm helping teach a wordpress site class at a public library, and since there are many people trying to sign up for wordpress at the same time we're getting a "whoops - there are lots of sign ups from your network. Please wait a few minutes" error. Is there anyway to get around this? Or what is the limit? Students aren't able to follow along if they have to wait. Thanks!!

  2. I have never seen that error, but then the largest group I've taught is 20. Other than allowing extra time for registrations, I can't see a way around it.

  3. Our group's a little under 30 and about 5 of them couldn't log in...hmm...

  4. Then maybe take them in two waves? First half signs up, you explain some general point about blogging, second half signs up?

  5. I'm having the same problem. I have taught 30 + people at once before and now less than half got through before all were blocked after that. I realise this is a shared IP address problem, but it is a REAL problem for doing PD sessions.

    Is WordPress adjusting the settings and will they stay this way? I've been using it since 2004 but this totally stops being able to use it with groups of people from one lab.


  6. Happening to my class of five!

    If it's on purpose we'll have to look for a different platform.

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