Lots of White Space Appearing Above Title

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    Hi, I have created my first (still a WIP) so I haven’t “published” it yet. I apologize I can’t show you the page.

    The problem is when I preview the page there seems to be a lot of white space above the “Title”and I don’t know why. I just entered in a name for the title and did nothing different. Anyone know why or has anyone else experienced this?

    Why were on the same Subject. Is there a way to make the title Larger or Bolder. I don’t have the CSS upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is lornemclean.wordpress.com.


    Hi! The white space you’re seeing in your current theme is reserved for the next and previous post links that will appear above the post title.

    Once you have two or more posts published you’ll see that space filled with links to the previous and next post on your blog. With just one post though these links won’t appear.

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