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Lousy stats in June

  1. Am I the only blogger whose stats collapsed in June (down about 30% from a long-established average)? Is June known to be a bad month?

  2. It's a bad month to me. My stats down to 30% too. I thought it was because I posted bad stuff during the month.

  3. I'm wondering whether something is going on with the way WordPress counts. Or maybe I'm just becoming boring.

  4. holidays? good weather? football?

  5. Yep, June suxxors for hits. I can confirm it.

  6. June.Sucked.Ass.

  7. i guess it's weather factor. i've tried several external counters, they all showed me approximately the same figures. i don't think there's anything wrong with the way WP counts our blogs' hits.

  8. What's weird is, Yellao is in Indonesia. They claim to have four seasons, but they really don't. Mango, papaya, pineapple and fish aren't seasons. But still, the blogosphere is sensitive.

  9. @raincoaster:
    I'm an Indonesian, and we have two seasons here: drought and flood.

    Btw, my stats for June were lousy too. I suspect Matt and his team are busy coding a fix or enhancement, since has been quiet for some time and some new stuffs (modified theme, Google Gears) went public without any announcement at all.

  10. June is a quiet month. I've a feeling that Google reindexes its image search around this time of year, although they don't announce a schedule.

  11. My hits off of google images tanked about mid June and my blog hits in general have been down for the entire month.

  12. Traffic in general is up:

  13. It might just be most people are outside. I dont know

  14. My stats have fallen by 50% in just two weeks, after a steady rise since I started the blog a year ago. I'm not talking from something like 100 to 50 either, but from 1600 to 800! I get most of my hits from Google Images, or at least I did(!), so I wouldn't be surprised if something is indeed happening over at Google. Whatever the reason though, I was quite proud of my stats, and so this development is more than a little frustrating and worrying.

  15. Well, have to buck the trend here. My stats went up by 60% in June for my best month ever.

  16. pornstarbabylon

    Just checked now and June was actually my best month since starting.

  17. Mine are down very slightly in June (less than 5% downturn).

    Clearly all that extra traffic is on lettershometoyou's blog!

  18. Mango and pineapple are seasons. It's hard to find a kgs of cheap mango now since it's not mango season. Maybe it's not blog season either in Indonesia. Jeez, this Jack D is crap!

  19. Blogosphere down in June? Shyte! I should have started blogging the wrong time...sheez.

  20. I had 664 views in May; in June, I had 621 views. My stats went down, but I can't complain.

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