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Love Albeo, but have some problems with it

  1. I love the new Albeo theme, and would like to continue using it. However, the text does not render over well. If you have text in a blockquote, it does not recognize paragraphs or full sentences.

    Here's a perfect example.

    Please tell me what I should do.


  2. I tried it too, and I can confirm what you report: Albeo wouldn't render paragraph breaks in a blockquote even after I added a surefire code for blank lines. What should you do? In my opinion, abandon this badly designed theme till they fix its bugs (see here for some other problems).

  3. Thanks for replying. I'll wait it out a bit and then use another theme if nothing gets fixed. I have also written to the theme author as well.

    Thanks again.

  4. virgomonkey: your problem is all fixed up. Thanks for reporting it! :)

  5. Yes, I noticed that it was fixed just a couple hours ago. I'm very impressed. Thank you. Also, one more thing - thought a bit nitpicky, but the title of my blog appears to be overlapping where the links to my feeds are. Is that fixable. If not, I'll just deal with it.

    Thanks again!

  6. Sad to see that tagline is not included in this fine theme.

  7. I found another problem with Albeo. For posts with lots of comments, the comments at the bottom (newest) are cut as each response moves a little further to the left.... The first first comments are perfectly fine. But as more responses are added, they tend to move to the left and outside the standard 'box' for each response. If more responses are added, the text begin disappear into the border - rendering other comments unreadable. I hope you can check this. Thnaks a lot.

  8. Hello there, it would help a lot if you could give a specific link to where this issue is occuring on your blog.


  9. And the blog linked from your username here is using the Freshy theme?

  10. I changed the theme because of the problem.

    Anyway, I used the Albeo theme again. Here's a perfect example. A post with 34 comments.

    Take note of the comments at the bottom. they've moved steadily to the the left. if more comments are added, they would move further to the left until some words are cut and unreadable.

    Another example, a page with 135 comments.

  11. They're all aligned perfectly for me on Firefox 3.0.3.

    May I ask which browser you're using? Could you try another one perhaps to see if the problem still occurs?

  12. really? im using explorer. I guess that explains it. too bad it don't work well on explorer...

    here's a screencap i took...

  13. What version of IE are you using

  14. It could also be a local problem on your side, can you try clearing your cache and cookies to see if the problem persists?

  15. hi. I was using IE 6. I downloaded IE 7 and it's working perfectly fine now. i guess the theme doesn't work well with older versions of IE...

    thanks so much for the help carocat and teck07. really appreciate it. you guys are cool. :D

  16. Not to worry, you're welcome and I'm grlad it's fixed! :)

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