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love-hate relationship: english snubs, french frogs

  1. I live in Canada, a bilingual country where Customer Service Reps start each conversation by a ridiculous "bonjour, hi?" (You don't know how stupid you feel when you actually have to do that all day long working in a bank).
    You have to wait for the client to say either "hi" to continue in English or "bonjour" to continue in French. Some English people will give you a bad look because you weren't able to tell by their looks that they don't speak French, while French folks almost feel offended to get addressed in English.

    In press conferences, English people are only allowed to ask questions about 30 min after the French journalists have asked a 100 questions. Last week, a French singer got a rough beating by 10 anglos but this is not a premiere; it happens every year in that area!

    The tension is HOT. Where do I stand in all that? I created a blog for both communities, to prove myself and the world that contrary to popular beliefs, English and French people can have a lot in common. It's international. Join the diversity!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This sounds good already. A URL so we can get to your blog would be nice, though.

  3. How come my blog is not linked to my name like yours? Sorry about that

    p.s.: I think biscuits rhymes pretty well with hibiscus....

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