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Love versus Goliath - new year, new life, new beginning

  1. paperwork finally finished and going in the mail TODAY!

  2. For all the women (plus the men who have the balls to be equal!) - this one is for YOU:

  3. A look at the music of Australia - and I'm having to split it over at least 2 articles - too much music! Another episode in the A - Z of Australia series.

  4. A little clarification about certified copies: what they are and how to get them!

  5. The simple joy of a new kitchen appliance! The relief that I'm not going to get electrocuted as well!

  6. Parenting tip: Mummy and Daddy got home at 3 am - PARTY TIME!

  7. Part II of the M for Music episode of Our A to Z of Australia is up and ready for you enjoyment!

  8. Today I wrote about nothing - and managed to write over 600 words about nothing. Sad, isn't it?

  9. I'm probably not going to be popular in some quarters. I blasted the leader of my political party.

  10. WE ARE MOVING!!!! Yippee, yippee!

  11. No drama today, no politics, no controversy - just a simple update!

  12. What do YOU worry about? Is it worth worrying about?

  13. Today I posted about shaving bumps - strange topic, perhaps, but very much a part of life!


    A letter to our children: we are only tough because we love you!

  15. My washing machine DISASTER

    I feel like crying......

  16. We all like our stats, don't we? Don't we?

    Here is a light-hearted look at the realities of worrying about stats!

  17. I reblogged, something I rarely do - but this was a wonderful article I wanted to draw people's attention to.

  18. Getting ready to mooooooooooooove - finally. Dinner set first.

  19. O M G - no internet for 4 business days!

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